Oedipus Vocabulary

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  1. Calumny
    A false or malicious staement
  2. Malice
    Desire in inflict injury or harm upon another
  3. Fathom
    To understand, comprehand
  4. Taunt
    Reproach in a sarcastic, insulting manner
  5. Flicher
    steal something of little value
  6. Laden
    burden, loaded down
  7. Malevolence
    Ill will, hatred
  8. Covet
    To earnestly wish for what belongs to another
  9. Circumspect
    Cautious, carefule, takes all circumstances into acount before acting
  10. Adament
    Stubbornly unyielding in opinion 
  11. Compunction
    A feeling of uneasiness or anxiety caused a sense of guilt
  12. Insensate
    Lacking awareness, sensation, inanimate
  13. Abdicate
    To formally relinquish a throne, power or claim
  14. Recompensate
    To repay for serveces
  15. Ferment
    Undergo fermentation, a state or agitation or extreme activity
  16. Parricide
    Act of murdering parents
  17. Impious
    Lack of religious respect 
  18. Ponder
    To weigh carefully, abundantly supplied
  19. Beget
    To father or produce
  20. Gibes
    Taunting, heckling or jeering remarks
  21. Elucidator
    To make clear or explain
  22. Monger
    A dealer or trader
  23. Scruple
    A moral or ethical consideration that hinders action
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