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  1. the way an individual  sits, stands and moves is called?
  2. what are some non-verbal cues?
    voice, eye contact, physical appearance, gestures, and posture
  3. Aggressive communication
    is when you interact with another in an overpowering and forceful manner to meet your own personal needs at the expense of the other.
  4. what is active listening?
    requires full attention to what the patient is saying
  5. what does communicating  assertively means?
    • being skilled in a variety of communication strategies
    • having positive attitude
    • feeling comfortable and in control
    • feeling confident
    • honoring that both have rights
  6. what are some nonverbal therapeutic techniques?
    • active listening
    • maintaing silence
    • minimal encouragement by nodding
    • touch
    • conveying acceptance
  7. what consists of an exchange of information that facilitates the formation of a positive nurse-patient relationship and actively involves the patient in all areas of her or his care?
    therapeutic communication
  8. this usually blocks  the development of a trusting and therapeutic relationship?
    non-therapeutic relationship
  9. what question do not require a specific  response  and allow the patient  to elaborate freely on a subject?
    open ended
  10. what question focus and seeks a particular answer?
    closed question
  11. what is the reciprocal process in which messages are sent and received between people?
  12. what are the verbal therapeutic communication technique?
    • closed questioning
    • open-ended questioning
    • restating
    • paraphrasing
    • clarifying
    • focusing
    • reflecting
    • stating observation
    • offering information
    • summarizing
  13. what is essential to effective nurse patient interaction?
  14. what is one of the most effective methods of therapeutic communication?
    active listening
  15. name one form of nonverbal communication that is inherent to the practice of nursing?
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