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  1. dean of house
    swears in speaker
  2. House speaker
    John Boghner
  3. House Majority Leader
    Eric Canter
  4. House Minority Leader 
    Nancy Pelosi
  5. Whip
    assistant to leaders
  6. whip notice
    remind you when a bill is voted on
  7. whip check 
    see how members are voting 
  8. standing committee
    always there
  9. select committee
    temporary committee for a certain subject
  10. joint committee
    made from members of both houses
  11. conference committee
    members from both houses iron out differences of a bill
  12. House rules committee
    (traffic cop) all bills go through house to be placed on a calander
  13. calander
    schedule of bills
  14. President of the seante
    vice president- Joe biden
  15. Senate majority Leader
    harry Ried
  16. Senate minority leader 
    mitch McConnell
  17. senate president pro tempore
  18. number of bills
    • 10,000 introduced per house term
    • less than 10% pass
  19. public bills
    apply it to the whole nation
  20. private bill
    applies only to a certain area, group, or person
  21. Resolution
    one house (doesn't have power of law) passes a resolution which only applies to them
  22. Joint Resolution
    has power of law (temporary)
  23. hopper
    place on clerk's desk where bills are placed
  24. Actions of committee
    • pass
    • fail
    • kill it
    • pass with revisions
  25. 4 methods of voting
    • voice vote
    • standing vote
    • teller vote
    • roll call vote
  26. Each bill goes through...
    3 readings
  27. Filibuster
    talk a bill to death
  28. 4 actions of President
    • sign it into law
    • veto-bill goes back to original house
    • not sign it- becomes law in 10 days
    • pocket veto- not sign it, congress adjourned before 10 days 
  29. who numbers the bills?
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