Presidents-8th grade final exam

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  1. Abraham Lincoln
    His election angers the South and leads to the start of the Civil War
  2. Andrew Johnson
    Led the Reconstruction of the South; first President to be impeached
  3. Ulysses S. Grant
    Former Commanding General of Union forces in the Civil War; administration plagued by scandals and corruption
  4. Rutherford Hayes
    Removed federal troops from the South; the end of the Reconstruction
  5. James Garfield
    Assassinated by a frustrated office-seeker in 1881
  6. Chester Arthur
    Elected President of the United States upon the assassination of Garfield
  7. Grover Cleveland
    Served two non-consecutive terms; vetoed numerous pension grabs
  8. Benjamin Harrison – Signed the Sherman Silver Purchase Act and Sherman Antitrust Act
    • Grover Cleveland
    • • William McKinley – President during the Spanish American War; Panic of 1893
    • • Theodore Roosevelt – Rise of Progressivism; promised Americans a Square Deal; conservation
    • • William Taft – Brought numerous antitrust cases to court
    • • Woodrow Wilson – President during World War I and establishment of the League of Nations
    • • Warren Harding - Presidency plagued by scandals; died in office.
    • • Calvin Coolidge – Emphasized thrift in government and conservative principles
    • • Herbert Hoover – In office when stock market crashed and the economy collapsed.
    • •Franklin D. Roosevelt – Led the country during World War II; instituted the New Deal during the Great Depression
    • • Harry S. Truman – Authorized the use of the atomic bomb against Japan
    • • Dwight D. Eisenhower – Supreme commander of the Allied troops in Europe during WWII; president during the Suez crisis
    • • John F. Kennedy – President during the Bay of Pigs and Cuban missile crisis; assassinated while in office
    • • Lyndon Johnson – Created the Great Society; president during the Vietnam War
    • • Richard Nixon – Involved in the Watergate scandal; first president to resign from office
    • • Gerald Ford – Granted pardon to the former president and Vietnam draft evaders and deserters
    • • Jimmy Carter – President during the Iran Hostage Crisis and a struggling economy
    • • Ronald Reagan – Know for his large tax cuts and increased military defense spending
    • • George H. W. Bush – President during the First Gulf WarBill Clinton – President during the OK City bombing and the Second Gulf War; second president to be impeached
    • • George W. Bush – President during the September 11th terrorist attacks; orders troops to invade Afghanistan and Iraq
    • • Barack Obama – Health care reform; first African-American president
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