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  1. I do have one idea to propose to my editor.
  2. they were supposed to reimburse wronged borrowers “as appropriate.”
  3. Equally unsurprising, regulators will let the banks off with a wrist slap for their failure to execute credible and effective reviews.
  4. The bureau cannot undo the past, but strong rules could at least help to ensure that the past is not repeated. 
  5. a lucrative, bloody money stream for criminal networks.
  6.  communities of color
  7. Internet search optimization
  8. They’re really the darlings of the pro-life movement
  9. 94 percent of women receiving ultrasounds decide against abortion. “It goes from a baby to my baby,” she said.
  10. If history is any guide, they will never get a satisfactory answer.
  11. Now, after so many years of painful publicity about cancer and pollution, many residents of Toms River are happy to have moved on, and who can blame them.
  12. What was obvious was that these synthetic hydrocarbons were leaving a trail of tumors wherever they were manufactured.
  13. The reality of 21st-century globalism, however, is that none of us can pretend that
  14. They’re made in China, and they’re cheap — if you don’t count the long-term cost.
  15. Of course, no fossilized record can really tell us how people behaved or thought back then, much less why they behaved or thought as they did.
  16. three assumptions that endure to this day:
  17. he suggested that the gender differences he saw around him — men sought power and made money; women stayed at home — weren’t simply the way things were in Victorian England. They were the way things had always been.
  18. troubled outliers
  19. Over the past decade, sociocultural explanations have gained steam.
  20. In 2009, another long-assumed gender difference in mating — that women are choosier than men — also came under siege.
  21. Recently, a third pillar appeared to fall.
  22. Ms. Conley found the methodology of the 1989 paper to be less than ideal.
  23.  the gender differences evaporated nearly to zero.
  24. Mr. Schmitt, a leading voice among hard-line Darwinians, ceded no ground.
  25.  the explanatory power of evolution can’t sustain itself when applied to mating behavior
  26. How many stereotypical racial and ethnic differences, once declared evolutionarily determined under the banner of science, have been revealed instead as vestiges of power dynamics from earlier societies?
  27.  What light could I possibly shed on this type of crackpot behavior since, contrary to popular belief, I am not a hypochondriac
  28. I don’t experience imaginary maladies — my maladies are real.
  29. It matters little that few people are ever found dead of chapped lips.
  30. Unfortunately, my wife bears the brunt of these pathological dramas.
  31. Sitting at an ungodly hour in the emergency room where my wife tried to talk me down, I was making my way through the five stages of grief
  32. I never smoke and I watch what I eat, carefully avoiding any foods that give pleasure.
  33. As far as vitamins go, if I take a few with each meal, over time I can usually get in quite a lot before the latest study confirms they’re worthless.
  34. My parents both lived to ripe old ages
  35. Not that I don’t make an occasional mistake — but what doctor doesn’t?
  36. Incidentally, this relentless preoccupation with health has made me quite the amateur medical expert.
  37. another time I pronounced a man dead who had simply dozed off in a chair.
  38. we all may be part of something larger — like a Ponzi scheme.
  39. Nothing should be done because nothing can be done, except ever harsher austerity, which will someday, somehow, be rewarded.
  40. Every suggestion of action to create jobs has been shot down with warnings of dire consequences.
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