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  1. AIM
    Authoring Instructional Materials
  2. ARB
    Academic Review Board
  3. BCA
    Buisness Case Analysis
    Catalog of Navy Training Courses
  5. CeTARS
    Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource System
  6. CBT
    Computer Based Training
  7. CCA
    Curriculum Control Authority
  8. CCMM
    Course Curriculum Model Manager
  9. CTTL
    Course Training Task List
  10. CPM
    Content Planning Model
  11. DONI
    Department of the Navy Insurance
  12. DOR
    Drop on Request
  13. EAP
    Emergency Action Plan
  14. ENTRS
    Enterprise Navy Training Reservation System
  15. EO
    Enabling Objective
  16. FEA
    Front End Analysis
  17. FCR
    Formal Course Review
  18. GCAT
    Goverment Content Acceptance Testing
  19. HPRR
    Human Performance Requirment Review
  20. IDP
    Individual Development Plan
  21. ILE
    Intergrated Learning Enviroment
  22. ILT
    Instructor Led Training
  23. IMI
    Interactive Multi Media Instruction
  24. IMM
    Instructional Media Material
  25. JDTA
    Job Duty Task Analysis
  26. JIT
    Journeyman Instructor Training
  27. LCMS
    Learning Content Managment System
  28. LMS
    Learning Managment System
  29. LP
    Lesson Plan
  30. MOE
    Measure of Effectivness
  31. MOP
    Measure of Performance
  32. MTS
    Master Training Specialist
  33. NRTC
    Non Resident Training Course
    Occupational Standards
  35. ORM
    Operational Risk Managment
  36. PPP
    Personnel Performance Profile
  37. PQS
    Personnel Qualification Standards
  38. R3
    Reuse Repurpose Reference
  39. RRL
    Resource Requirment List
  40. SCORM
    Sharable Content Object Reference Model
  41. SOH
    Safety and Occupational Health
  42. TCCD
    Training Course Control Document
  43. TG
    Trainee Guide
  44. TO
    Terminal Objective
  45. TOS
    Terminal Objective Statment
  46. TPC
    Training Path Chart
  47. TPS
    Training Path System
  48. TPP
    Training Project Plan
  49. TTO
    Training Time Out
  50. VI
    Visual Imformation
  51. NETC
    Naval Educational Training Command
  52. ESC
    Executive Steering Commitee
  53. NTSP
    Navy Training System Plan
  54. OBT
    Onboard Training
  55. TTA
    Training Task Analysis
  56. ISD
    Instructional System Design
  57. TLA
    Training Level Assignment
  58. TAM
    Table Assignment Matrix
  59. IMDP
    Instructional Media Design Package
  60. DDA
    Discussion Demonstration Activity
  61. DP
    Discussion Point
  62. RIA
    Related Instructor Activity
  63. TQI
    Total Quality Indicators
  64. JQR
    Job Qualification Requirment
  65. DAPS
    Defense Automated Printing System
  66. COR
    Contracting Officer Representative
  67. NLL
    Naval Logistics Library
  68. ACAT
    Acqusition Categories
  69. MTO
    Missed Training Oppportunity
  70. TDT
    Team Dimensional Training
  71. COP
    Community of Practice
  72. NETPDC
    Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center
  73. NAVMAC
    Navy Manpower Analysis Center
  74. SMS
    Navy Skills Management System
  75. TTA
    Training Task Analysis
  76. UA
    User Activity
  77. PA
    Participating Activity
  78. UARS
    User Activity Review Sheet
  79. MSSS
    Master Schedule Summary Sheet
  80. AMTCS
    Aviation Maintenance Training Continuum System
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