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  1. Salvation History
    The story of God’s plan to save the world from sin and death.
  2. The Holy Trinity
    God as 3 people
  3. Covenant
    A kinship bond between two parties, with conditions or obligations established byan oath
  4. Bond in Blood
    Self curse
  5. Circumcision
    It symbolized the cutting away of the things that draw us away from God
  6. Birthright
    Throughthis, the firstborn son was given the father’s inheritance as well as authorityover the family
  7. Original State of Holiness and Justice
    Eventuallyfully share in the divine life and loving relationship of the Holy Trinity
  8. Four points of salvation history
    • 1. Holy trinity (God's original plan of having us be a part of him)
    • 2. When original state of holiness was severed by Adam/Eve
    • 3. Gradual restoration of covenants up to Jesus
    • 4. Bible tells us God's salvation history
  9. Man was created in whose Image?
  10. How do humans show that they are created in the image of God?
    Through loving in our relationships
  11. What was the condition of the first covenant that God made with man at the time of Creation?
    Don't eat the forbidden fruit
  12. What were the consequences of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit?
    Death enters humanity
  13. Four parts of the covenant with Noah
    • 1. Promise
    • 2. Conditions
    • 3. Bond in Blood
    • 4. Sign of this covenant
  14. Promise of Noah's covenant
    Not to destroy humanity again
  15. Conditions of Noah's covenant
    • No murder
    • No eating animals with life blood still in them
  16. Bond in blood of Noah's covenant
    Kill and you'll be killed
  17. Three promises made to Abraham:
    • I will:
    • Make you a great nation,
    • Make your name great
    • Bless people through you
  18. Covenant of Circumcision
    God required Abraham to do/signifies that Abraham will be cut off from the promises of the covenant.
  19. Joesph
    Through this position of power he is able to save the nation of Israel from famine. He tells his brothers that God sent him to Egypt so that he could save his brothers from famine.
  20. What Moses was sent to Egypt for
    Free israelites from slavery
  21. The four parts of the covenant that was made between Moses and God:
    • Promise
    • Conditions
    • Bond in Blood
    • Sign of the Covenant.
  22. Sign of Noah's covenant
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