RGT 2542 Ch 3

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  1. Which of the following is not a part of the automatic injection device?

    A. Acceleration regulator
    B. Heating device
    C. Rate/rise control
    D. Receiving chamber
  2. Which of the following factors affect the flow rate?
    1. Catheter length
    2. Catheter diameter
    3. Miscibility of the contrast

    A. 1 only
    B. 1 & 2
    C. 1 & 3
    D. All 3
  3. The syringe temperature is regulated to a factory preset temp of:

    A. 25 C
    B. 27 C
    C. 35 C
    D. 37 C
  4. Which of the following statements is not true for constant flow rate injectors?

    A. The desired flow rate and injection time are set, and the selected volume in millimeters per second will be delivered
    B. Too high a flow rate could possible damage the catheter
    C. Too low a flow rate could possibly injure the patient
    D. These injectors provide a constant pressure during the injection
  5. Automatic injector safety devices include all but which of the following?

    A. Detachable injector head
    B. Volume-limiting device
    C. Pressure-limiting device
    D. Function monitoring device
  6. An acceleration regulator is a safety device that is used to prevent:

    A. Catheter whip
    B. Extravasation
    C. Air embolus
    D. Changing flow rates
  7. When using an automatic injection device for digital subtraction angiography, the contrast agent should be:

    A. Increased by 25%
    B. Increased by 50%
    C. Decreased by 25%
    D. Decreased by 50%
  8. The basic guideline for performing a contrast study of the abdominal aorta over a 2 second interval would be:

    A. 20 ml
    B. 35 ml
    C. 50 ml
    D. 70 ml
  9. Which syringe volume would be used on an automatic injector for pediatric and neurologic angiography?

    A. 60 ml
    B. 100 ml
    C. 150 ml
    D. 200 ml
  10. The safety feature found on the CT injection device that minimizes the potential for clotting during pauses in the injection is referred to as a(n):

    A. Extravasation
    B. Air detection monitor
    C. KVO device
    D. Catheter pressure fitting
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