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  1. The Morrill Land Grant Act was signed by who and when?
    President Lincoln, 2 July 1862
  2. Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, and Hampton Institute were established as land grant institutions when ___ signed legislation on ___.
    Virginia Governor Gilbert Walker, 19 March 1872
  3. When did Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College open?
    1 October 1872
  4. Who was the first student to register?
    Cadet William Addison Caldwell
  5. Who was the VMI graduate who became the First Commandant?
    General James H. Lane
  6. Who was the youngest general in the Army of Northern Virginia?
    General James H. Lane
  7. Who was wounded three times and led his brigade in Picket's Charge?
    General James H. Lane
  8. Who was credited with saving General Robert E. Lee from capture during the battle of the Wilderness?
    General James H. Lane
  9. General served under both ___ and ___.
    Stonewall Jackson & A.P. Hill
  10. General James H. Lane's men were responsible for the mortal wounding of Stonewall Jackson at which battle?
    Battle of Chancellorsville
  11. Which university president served from 1886 to 1891 and was a confederate general?
    Lindsay Lomax
  12. Which university president was a confederate spy and scout during the Civil War?
    Thomas Conrad
  13. Who is the Father of Modern VPI?
    President John McBryde
  14. Which two former university presidents commanded Echo as cadets?
    Julian Burruss and John R. Hutcheson
  15. Which Cadet functioned as the commandant of cadets from 1880 to 1882?
    Cadet James H. Clark
  16. Who was the only Naval Academy man to be the commandant of cadets?
    Lieutenant Sheldon W. Anding (USA)
  17. What prevented LT Anding from graduating from the Naval Academy?
    A severe case of typhoid
  18. LT Anding enlisted in the Army with the outbreak of which war?
    Spanish American War
  19. Who wrote Old Hokie?
    Cadet O. M. Stull, 1893
  20. Who wrote the words to Tech Triumph?
    Cadet Wilfred Preston "Pete" Maddox, 1920
  21. As early as 1908, cadets were nicknamed ___ for the way they ate in the dining facilities.
  22. What are Virginia Tech's official school colors?
    Chicago maroon and burnt orange
  23. The bushes around Land Stadium turn which colors?
    Orange and maroon
  24. Where is the largest university seal on campus located?
    Shultz Hall
  25. Where is the largest compass on campus located?
  26. How many degrees and in which direction does the flagpole at Burruss lean?
    4.5 degrees N-NW
  27. What is the distance between the flagpoles at Burruss?
    77 feet
  28. How many gargoyles are there on campus?
  29. Where are the gargoyles on campus located?
    4 at Eggleston, 4 at Hillcrest, 3 at Smyth, and 3 at Saunders
  30. Distance between N. Main St and the Pylons
    0.25 miles
  31. What is the oldest academic building still in use?
    Henderson Hall
  32. The original portion of Henderson Hall dates back to which year?
  33. Which building served as the president's house until 1902?
    Henderson Hall
  34. Virginia Tech's oldest fraternity
    The German Club of Virginia Tech
  35. What was the German Club originally founded as?
    The Cadet Dancing Club in 1887
  36. What building is shaped like Virginia?
    The bookstore
  37. How long is the longest pipe on the organ in the Chapel?
    16 feet
  38. How many bells are there in the Carillon?
  39. What are the latitude and longitude of coordinates of VPI&SU?
    80.5 25' 16" W - 37.5 13' 54" N
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