Civil war

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  1. Manifest Destiny 
    • American expansion westward inevitable
    • Nations destiny to encompass continent
    • Americans have an obligation to expand and influence less civilized people with republic and Christian institutions
    • Parallels to democratic party
    • Americans Indians and Hispanic were inferior, best controlled or conquered
  2. 54 40 or fight
    • President Polk pressured to wage war against British to gain full control of northwest
    • Polk fears potential against waging a war against two nations
    • Choose to reach deal with British and focus on Mexico
    • 1846 - 49th parallel agreed to
  3. Bear flag rebellion
    John c Fremont declared California an independent republic
  4. Desire to move west
    • Southerners: escape planter elite and increase slaves
    • Northerners: distance from slavery and affordable land
  5. Indian removal
    • 1829-1851: 86 treaties signed between US and Indians
    • Black hawk war: Indian defeat ends native uprisings in northwest
    • 1853: US reaches peaceful agreement with Indian tribes
  6. Fur trade
    Despite decline over time, transportation routes developed
  7. Military presence
    1850: 90% of US military stationed in west of Mississippi
  8. Public lands
    • Spectators: wealthy buy millions of acres auctioned off at $2 an acre
    • Squatters: settlers squat on land they can't afford promoting congress to lower price per acre to $1 25
    • Homestead act: land free to squatters who reside in land for 5 years on land they improve.
  9. Gold Rush
    1848: John Wilson Marshall discovered gold in California

    majority of miners unsuccessful take wage paying jobs
  10. annexation of Texas
    • Fredonia Republic: Mexico  encourages  assimilation and Hayden Edwards calls for an independent Texas
    • legal immigration of Americans in Texas terminated by Mexico
    • 1835: secessionist overtake Mexican military installations
    • Stephen Austin advocates for peace before being captured and jailed
    • Sam Houston in Davy Crockett lead secessionist in defeating Santa Anna's army after losing at Alamo
    • Sam Houston named governor of the Republic of Texas
    • Texas join US as a slave state
    • Mexico terminates relations with the United States
  11. Union military strategy
    • anaconda plan
    • blockade southern ports
    • patroll 3550 miles of coastline and block avenues of supply
  12. Confederate military strategy
    • offensive defensive plans
    • not a plan of conquest at South Claims independence
    • attack when feasible
    • use inferior transport lines to concentrate troops a key points
    • recognize North advantages in resources
  13. the Confederacy centralization of power
    • increase in taxes
    • farmer required to switch from cash  crops to food crops
    • slaves instructed to build fornications
    • troops confiscate food sources from farms
    • railroads under complete control of government
  14. South industrializes
    • iron factories constructed
    • new railroad lines built
  15. total war
    • a war that is unrestricted in terms of the weapons use the territory or combat involved  or the objectives pursued
    • Risks involved:
    • vulnerable   communication and supply lines and
    • a truly National resistance
    • geographic size of south
  16. Sherman's march to sea
    • 40,000 soldiers left to defend Atlanta
    • 60,000 soldiers lead by Sherman head towards the Atlantic Ocean
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