2nd Estate ; Difrancia

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  1. vassals
    lesser lords that pledged service & loyalty to the lords above them in return for protection & land
  2. fief
    a parcel of land given to a vassal from a lord in exchange for service & loyalty
  3. leige lord
    the lord who a vassal owes their primary loyalty to
  4. manor
    a lord's estate
  5. feudalism
    a loosely organized system of rule in medieval europe in which powerful local lords divided their landholdings among lesser lords in exchange for service & loyalty
  6. fiefdom
    collection of fiefs that a lord rules over
  7. melee
    a large scale medieval tournament in which knights carried out mock battles against each other to gain a ransom
  8. knight
    mounted warrior
  9. chivalry
    code of conduct for knights
  10. joust
    a tournament in which two knights mounted on a horse carrying a lance ride at one another, trying to knock the other down
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