Meiosis/Genetics Vocab

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  1. Heredity
    Passing on of traits from parents to offspring
  2. Traits
    A possible characteristic
  3. Meiosis
    Type of cell division that produces haploid gametes
  4. Gamete
    Sex cell containing half the number of chromosomes found in a body cell
  5. Diploid
    Containing a full set of chromosomes, as in all body cells
  6. Haploid
    Half the number of chromosomes found in a body cell, all gametes are this
  7. Gene
    Segment of DNA that codes for a specific protein and therefore trait
  8. Fertilization
    Combining of an egg and sperm to form a diploid zygote
  9. Zygote
    Diploid result of fertilization
  10. Dominant
    Form of gene that is expressed or shown, usually written as a capital letter
  11. Recessive
    Form of gene that is masked or hidden, written as a lower case letter
  12. Genotype
    2 letter genetic code of the genes that make up a given trait
  13. Phenotype
    Observable characteristic that corresponds with a given genotype
  14. Homozygous
    Both copies of a gene inherited from parents are the same
  15. Heterozygous
    Both copies of a gene inherited from the parents are different
  16. Tetrad
    Paired homologous chromosomes found during Prophase 1
  17. Homologous
    Of the same size and containing the same genetic information
  18. Crossing Over
    Swapping of genetic information between homologous chromosomes
  19. Independent Assortment
    Random arrangement of paternal and maternal chromosomes along the call equator during metaphase 1
  20. Alleles
    An "option" for a gene
  21. Gonads
    Ovaries & testes
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