History Final

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  1. *Jefferson David
    President of the Confederacy
  2. William Sherman
    Union General that burned Atlanta
  3. *Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
  4. *Andrew Johnson
    President after Lincoln's death
  5. *Ulysses Grant
    The Union's greatest general
  6. *Robert E. Lee
    Surrendered at Appomattox
  7. *John Wilkes Booth
    Assassinated Lincoln
  8. *13th Amendment
    Abolished slavery
  9. *14th Amendment
    Defined citizenship
  10. 15th Amendment
    Ensured blacks the right to vote
  11. *William McKinley
    President shot by anarchist
  12. *Teddy Roosevelt
    President who started building the Panama Canal
  13. *Upton Sinclair
    Muckracker who wrote The Jungle
  14. *19th Amendment
    Gave women the right to vote
  15. *Charles Lindbergh
    Solo flight across the Atlantic
  16. *Al Capone
    Chicago gangster
  17. *Henry Ford
    Pioneered the use of the assembly line
  18. *W.E.B. Dubois
    Wrote "Souls of Black Folks"
  19. Babe Ruth
    Baseball slugger
  20. *Bobby Jones
    Champion golfer
  21. *John Scopes
    Arrested for teaching evolution
  22. *Jack Dempsey
    Professional boxer
  23. *John J. Pershing
    American General in WWI
  24. Purpose of the Zimmerman Note
    Germany's attempt to get Mexico to attack the U.S.
  25. The "Big Four"
    • France
    • England
    • Italy
    • U.S.
  26. *The Selective Service Act of 1917
    Provided for the registration of men between 21 and 32 for the draft
  27. Archduke Francis Ferdinand
    WWI was started by his assassination
  28. Liberty Loans
    Sold by the U.S. to raise money for the war effort
  29. *Woodrow Wilson
    Democratic President at the end of the Progressive Era
  30. Initiative
    Citizen proposed law
  31. 17th Amendment
    Allowed direct election of Senators
  32. *18th Amendment
    Established Prohibition of alcohol
  33. 16th Amendment
    Established federal income tax
  34. *The Butler Act/Law
    Outlawed the teaching of evolution
  35. *The Jazz Singer
    First successful full length motion picture with sound
  36. *Pleasey v. Ferguson
    Established the rule of separate but equal
  37. *Jim Crow Laws
    Southern statutes forcing segregation of the races
  38. Separation of Powers
    The doctrine the divides power between the 3 branches of government
  39. *Federalists
    The group that favored the Constitution
  40. *"ISM's" of WWI (x3)
    • Nationalism
    • Imperialism (Colonialism)
    • Militarism
  41. Jury's decision after the Scopes trial
    Guilty and fined $100
  42. *Anti-Federalists were most responsible for what part of the Constitution
    The first 10 Amendments
  43. Duke Ellington
    Harlem Renaissance composer. Contributed to jazz music.
  44. Anti-Federalists
    • Opposed the Constitution
    • Afraid of big government
    • Wanted a Bill of Rights
  45. The Virginia Plan (houses? representation?)
    • 2 houses of congresses
    • Representation based on population
  46. The Great Compromise (houses?)
    • 2 houses
    • 1 based on population
    • 1 with equal representation
  47. Radical Republicans
    Wanted to punish the south and make sure that newly freed slaves received fair treatment
  48. *Grant and Lee arranged the surrender of Confederate forces at __
  49. What was the major weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
    Lacked the power to collect taxes
  50. *The president is a member of what branch of government?
  51. 3 Requirements to become President?
    • Natural born citizen
    • 35 years or older
    • 14 year resident in the U.S.
  52. How old do you have to be to get elected to the House of Representatives?
    25 years old
  53. Length of term of a Supreme Court Justice
    life term
  54. States in the confederacy (x11)
    Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida
  55. *First battle of the Civil War
    Fort Sumter
  56. Comparison of North and South population at time of Civil War
    • North: 20 mil
    • South: 9 mill, 3.6 mill slaves
  57. *Lincoln's main concern in fighting the Civil War was __
    Restoring the Union
  58. Why did Americans tend to favor allies at the start of WWI?
    Huge number of Irish and German immigrants in the U.S.
  59. WWI was the bloodiest war in history because __
    the development of new weapons
  60. All are reasons why the U.S. entered WWI except.. 
    A. unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany
    B. American fears that Germany would help England
    C. Wilson's belief that the world must be made safe for democracy
    D. Financial ties between America and the Allies
    B. American fears that Germany would help England
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  61. What did Americans fear most in Wilson's peace plan?
    Promise to respect and preserve League members against external aggression
  62. What was life like in the trenches?
    • Daily death in the trenches
    • Rats, Frogs, and Lice
    • Got bored easily
    • Smelly
    • Sniper bullets
  63. What provision of the Treaty of Versailles created the most problems in Germany after WWI?
    The amount of reparations Germany was assessed
  64. How did economy and manufacturing process affecting the sale of cars in the 1920s?
    Economy was booming which caused the sale of cars to increase
  65. At Shiloh, Grant learned the Northern victory in the Civil war would __
    require a war of exhaustion
  66. *What branch of the federal government has legislative power?
  67. *Who did the Virginia Plan give more power to?
    Bigger states. The people.
  68. *What issue was the "Great Compromise" primarily concerned with?
    Representation of states
  69. *What is the term for a type of government where power is shared between the central government and the states?
  70. *Which state was the first to secede from the Union after the election of 1860?
    South Carolina
  71. *What group defended and saved Paris from the Germans in WWI?
    • A.E.F.
    • American Expeditionary Forces
  72. *What did the "Big Four" think of Woodrow Wilson?
    He was arrogant + annoying
  73. *What was the penalty for American troops who fell asleep on duty in the trenches during WWI?
    Death by firing squad
  74. *Another name for the first 10 Amendments
    Bill of Rights
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