Chapter 2

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  1. All but which of the following is true in relation to community policing?
    It grabs headlines throughout the nation.
  2. Community plicing is a transitional process in which the ____removes barriers that impede change.
    Chief executive officer
  3. All but which of the follwoing is true about the working definitions of community policing?
    The place work to solve a community's problems for them
  4. An essential ingredient of community policing is
    empowerment of officers and first line supervisors
  5. Woth the introduction of community policing, the ___is/are at center stage.
    first line supervisors
  6. Quality supervision must personify the attributes of __if community policing is to succeed.
    a coach and an authoritarian
  7. During the facilitation process, the supervisor must do all of the following except.
    take over the task of an independent problem solver
  8. responsibilities of a first line supervisor for supervising community policing officers include 
    ensuring the retention of beat integrity when problem solving
  9. Supervisors can reinforce the collaboration process of problem solving by 
    using a hands off approach that encourages independence
  10. Failure should lead to 
  11. All but which of the following describes the first line supervisors functions under empowerment
  12. The first phase of problem solving alpproach is 
  13. Philosphically, community policing is an insignificant change in the provisions of police services
  14. Community polcing gives officers an opportunity to move closer to the community
  15. Community policing is a trasnitional process in which the chief executive officer removes barriers that impede change
  16. Community policing to be successful demands radical changes over time if there is to be significant alteration in the way the organization attains goals
  17. Line officers and supervisors are the recipients of a monor shift of power and authority
  18. Empwerment is when the supervisor encourages officers to stay out of trouble or not bother their sergeant
  19. When empwerment occurs, community plicing is doomed
  20. Supervisors must convey to all officers the importance of community polcing and that it is real police work
  21. Under community policing, isolation between officers and detectives must always be reduced
  22. The chief executive officer is the key to community policing and all other units should support the problem solving efforts
  23. Methods in which first line supervisors monitor and respond to citizen complaints affect the credibility of the line officers as well as the police department
  24. community policing involves giving officers greater control over their working conditions
  25. The first line supervisor must manage in a formal manner to avoid mistakes
  26. When managing failure a first line supervisor must personalize the failure of the community policing officer and evaluate the individual officers to decide if he or she is fit to belong to the unit
  27. The importance of collaboration in community policing is that it can provide a variety of the resources to resolve identifiable problems
  28. The analysis component of the problem solving approach involves indentification of a community problem
  29. The problem solving approach may asses the effectiveness of comunity policing throught publiic surveys
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