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  1. prerogative
    • an exclusive or special right, power, or privilege
    • 특권
  2. autocrat
    • [Gk, autos(self), kratos(power)]
    • a ruler with supreme power over his people; a dictator; a despot
  3. entrench
    to surround or fortify with a trench; hence, to establish securely
  4. static
    having no motion; at rest; inactive
  5. ferment
    • [L, fervere(to boil)] 
    • a substance causing fermentation in other substances, as yeast, bacteria, etc.; agitation
  6. contingent
    conditional, dependent
  7. ostensible
    • apparent; seeming, prefessed
    • 표면상으로
  8. salient
    • [L,, saliens(to leap)] leaping, jumping; gushing, jetting forth; projecting
    • 핵심적인, 가장 중요한
  9. replete
    • [L, replere(to fill again)]
    • filled, abundantly supplied
  10. vituperation
    • 혹평
    • vituperating: Sustained, harshly critical language; invective.
  11. sonorous
    capable of producing sound, resonant
  12. prolific
    • [L, pro(offspring)] 
    • Producing offspring or fruit in great abundance; fertile
  13. effrontery
    • Brazen boldness; presumptuousness.
    • 뻔뻔한

  14. tacit
    not spoken; implied by or inferred from actions or statements:
  15. indolent
    Disinclined to exert oneself; habitually lazy
  16. inferior than
    • a mixed expression.
    • inferior to him
    • less capable than he
  17. nohow
    a nonword.
  18. them
    do not sue the pronoun them for the adjective those
  19. at about
    • a mixed expression.
    • at five o'clock
    • about five o'clock
  20. enthuse, entused
    • nonwords. write
    • show enthusiasm
    • be enthusiastic
  21. in the worst way
    a wordy, vague phrase when used to express the concept very much, exceedingly
  22. AB SEN CE
  23. A CC EPT
    accept (to agree to)
  24. A CC O MM O DATE
  27. AC ROSS
  28. toady
    • an obsequious flatterer; a fawning, servile person
    • 아첨꾼
  29. precipitate
    • to hasten the occurrence of
    • 촉발시키다
  30. panacea
    •  [Gk. pan-, all + akos, cure]
    • cure-all
  31. idyllic
    having the essential qualities of an idyll; charmingly simple or picturesque
  32. effete
    no longer fertile or productive; exhausted
  33. repudiate
    • [L. repudium, divorce]
    • to divorce or separate formally; to refuse to have anything to do with
  34. abortive
    born too soon; unsuccessful
  35. reaction
    favoring a former political or social order
  36. revulsion 
    a sudden, complete, and violent change of feeling
  37. cow
    • To frighten or subdue with threats or a show of force; intimidate.
  38. alacrity
    • 1. Cheerful willingness; eagerness.
    • 2. Speed or quickness; celerity.
  39. venal
    • Open to bribery; mercenary
    • 부패한
  40. plaudit
    • Enthusiastic expression of praise or approval
    • 박수, 갈채
  41. recrimination
    • [L crīmināre, to accuse]
    • 1. The act of recriminating.
    • 2. A countercharge.
  42. credo
    • [L, crēdere, to believe]
    • a creed
  44. AL READY
    all right
  46. A IS LE
  47. AFFECT
    • affect (to influence)
    • effect (to bring into accomplish)
  48. ADVI"C"E
    • (a noun) advice
    • (a verb) advise
  49. main, man
    : to remain, dwell, stay, abide
    • remain
    • reminder
  50. altruism
    • [L. alter, other] 
    • unselfish concern for the welfare of others
  51. nemesis
    • [Gk. nemein, to deal out]
    • just punishment, retribution
  52. surrogate
    something that serves as a substitute
  53. sedulous
    diligent in application or pursuit, painstaking
  54. indomitable
    unconquerable, incapable of being overcome or subdued
  55. throttle
    to choke, strangle, to suppress
  56. dispassionate
    free from passion or emotion; implies the absence of passion or strong emotion
  57. sanctuary
    a place that provides refuge, asylum, or immunity
  58. cryptic
    • [L. crypticus, hidden]
    • Having hidden meaning; secret
  59. medley
    An often jumbled assortment; a mixture
  60. incense
    • [L. incēnsum, to set on fire]
    • To cause to be extremely angry; infuriate.
    •  화내게 하다
  61. castigate
    To punish or rebuke severely
  62. abrogate
    • To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority
    • (법 등을) 폐지하다
  63. auspices
    Protection or support
  64. plebiscite
    • A direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal
    • 국민 투표
  65. trahere, to draw(tract)
    • attract
    • contract
    • tractor
    • attractive
    • traction
  66. considerable/reasonable
    be careful on using those for adverbs, considerably/reasonably
  67. best, worst
    don't use those for comparison of 2 people
  68. former, latter
    don't use those for more than 2 items
  69. without
    don't use it for "unless"
  70. real
    different from really
  71. sure
    different from surely
  72. too
    do not use it for very
  73. ALT AR
  74. A MONG
  75. A NO INT
  76. AR GU MENT
  77. AT HL ETE
  78. A WHILE
    a while, not awhile(adverb)
  79. peregrination
    • [L. peregrinatio, living abroad]
    • a traveling from place to place
  80. demur
    [L. demorari, to delay] to hesitate, take exception, object
  81. beleaguer
    • to besiege by encircling, as with an army. To surround, beset
    • 포위하다, 괴롭히다
  82. imminent
    [L. imminens, to project over, threaten] likely to happen without delay; impending
  83. arbiter
    a person or agency having absolute power of judging.
  84. nice
    calling for delicacy, accuracy, or precision in handling or adjusting
  85. vest in
    to place in the control of a person or group (권리를 부여하다)
  86. quash
    To put down or suppress forcibly and completely
  87. repression
    • The act of repressing or the state of being repressed.
    • 억압
  88. assuage
    • To satisfy or appease
    • To make less intense or severe
  89. solidarity
    Unity of purpose, interest, or sympathy
  90. manacle
    • 1. A device for confining the hands, usually consisting of a set of two metal rings that are fastened about the wrists and joined by a metal chain.
    • 수갑
  91. ameliorate
    To make or become better; improve
  92. august
    Respected and dignified
  93. jettison
    • To cast overboard or off
    • 버리다, 하물 투하
  94. anyone, everyone
    any one of ~~, every one of ~~
  95. respectfully(in a respectful manner)
    respectively(in the order given)
  96. the most . . . of any
    • most of all
    • more than any
  97. as
    do not use "as" in place of "that" or "whether", or "since" or "while"
  98. plus
    do not use it for and or besides
  99. while
    avoid ambiguity, whereas or although
  100. BE LI EVE
  101. BR EAT HE
  102. BRI TA IN
  103. CAL END AR
  104. CANNOT
  105. CA TE GO RY
  106. CA VAL RY
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