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  1. Acoustic
    Pertaining to hearing
  2. Otorrhea
    Discharge from ear
  3. Myringoplasty
    Surgical repair/reconstruction of eardrum
  4. Aerotitis
    Inflammation of the ear caused by air/gas (pressure)
  5. Ototoxic
    Pertaining to poisoning (damaging) the ear
  6. Ceruminolysis
    Breakdown/dissolution of wax
  7. Salpingoscope
    Instrument for examining eustachian tube
  8. Hyperacusis
    Hearing condition of being overly sensitive to certain sound frequencies
  9. Audiometry
    Process of measuring hearing
  10. Tympanocentesis
    Puncturing eardrum of aspiration
  11. Otodynia
    Ear pain
  12. Auricle
    Small ear
  13. Myringotomy
    Incision in eardrum
  14. Ceruminosis
    Condition/increase of wax
  15. Audiology
    Study of hearing
  16. Otosclerosis
    Condition of hardening of bony tissue of ear
  17. Otoscope Instrument used to view the ear canal and tympanum
  18. Meniere disease
    Disorder of inner ear due to excessive buildup of endolymphatic fluid
  19. Acoustic neuroma
    Tumor of auditory nerve affecting hearing
  20. Myring/o
  21. Audi/o
  22. Cerumin/o
  23. Salping/o
    Eustachian tube
  24. Ot/o
  25. Aer/o
  26. Bone condition
    Conductive hearing loss
  27. Audiologist
    One who studies hearing impairments
  28. Otorrhagia
    Bleeding from the ear
  29. Deafness
    Partial or complete hearing loss
  30. Nerve Conduction
    Sensorineural hearing loss
  31. Presbyacusis
    Hearing impairment from old age
  32. Cochlear implant
    Auditory prosthetic
  33. Otalgia
  34. Aplasia
    Absence of inner ear structures
  35. Labyrinthitis
    Inflammation of labyrinth
  36. Vertigo
  37. Tinnitus
    Ringing in ear
  38. Stapedectomy
    Excision of stapes to correct otosclerosis
  39. Cerumen impaction
    Excessive buildup of earwax
  40. (Ear) instillation
    Introduction of medical solution into external ear canal
  41. (Ear) lavage
    Irrigation of the external ear
  42. Cerumen
  43. Antihistamine
    Drug that neutralizes or inhibits effects of histamine
  44. Eustachian
    Tube that links nasopharynx to middle ear

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