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  1. Last line of the Absolutely true story of a part time Indian
    "we didn't keep score"
  2. What is the impact of Junior calling himself an apple?
    It symbolizes how he was alienated by his Reservation family and the school. They suggested that he might look Indian but he acted like a white person and wanted to be one
  3. Rowdy suggests that Junior killed his sister because
    He convinced her that she could obtain the impossible like Junior did by making a major change (moving in with her bf), it highlights the theme of abandonment because it feels like everyone is leaving Junior
  4. Motifs/themes in the Absolutly True story of a part time indian
    • Poverty
    • Solidarity (connection with the oppressed)
    • Justice
    • Loyalty
    • Independance/freedom
    • Ethnic/cultural identity
    • Illusion versus reality
  5. Sherman Alexie basic info
    • Born 7 October 1966 in Spokane Indian reserve
    • Born with hydrocephalus
    • Alcoholic father
    • Suffered from seizures and bullies
    • Attended Reardon high school, despite mahority of white kids
  6. Okonkwo
    Strong man, famous in his village and beyond by 18
  7. Unoka
    Okonkwo's late alcholic unsuccessful father
  8. Okoye
    Neighbor who visited Unoka asking for him to pay him back
  9. Nwoye
    Okonkwo's 1st son, who's often lazy/nagged by father
  10. Ezinma
    Ikwefi's only child she's about 10 years old
  11. Ikemefuna
    A boy from another village who was sacrificed as repayment for a wife that was killed in Okonkwo's village. He lives with Okonkwo from ages 15-18 until he is killed
  12. Unchendu
    Okonkwo's uncle on his mother's side
  13. Obierika
    Maduka's father and okonkwo's friend
  14. Ekwefi
    Okonkwo's 2nd wife, who ran away from her last husband, was shot by Okonkwo and lost 9 children before Ezinma
  15. Ogbuefi Ezeudu
    Oldest man in Okonkwo's village used to be famous warrior, tells Okonkwo about killing Ikemefuna
  16. Cheilo
    Priestess of Agbala, widow with 2 kids
  17. Akunna
    One of the great men of the village who gave his son to the white mans' school
  18. Nwakibie
    Wealthy man in the village, Okonkwo worked for him for his first job
  19. Okagbu Uyanwa
    Medicien man
  20. Maduka
    Young winning wrestler who is Obierka's son
  21. Obiageli
    Nwoye's sister
  22. Oijugo
    Okonkwo's youngest wife, was in charge of infant congregation
  23. Enock
    Convert to Christianity
  24. Mr. Kiaga
    Interpreto for the whites
  25. The Districk Commsioner
    White, judgemental man
  26. Mr. Brown
    White missionary
  27. Reverend James Smith
    Mr. Brown's successor who didn't compromise or accomodate for anything/one
  28. Romantic era
    Comprise mostly of men who believed in mystical power of nature in the early 1800's
  29. William Butler yeats
    • 1865-1939
    • Irish link between romantic and modernism, got nobel prize in 1923
  30. Modernism
    Created after WWI; dark, sad, despair. Early part of 20th century
  31. Types of questions
    • Factual questions
    • Inductive questions
    • Analytical questions
  32. Factual questions
    • Is verifiable on page
    • Who, what, where, when, where, how?
    • Takes the reader into the text
  33. Inductive questions
    • Is verifiable in text, but inferred
    • Why, how, and so what?
    • Takes readers through text i.e. evaluate/interpret text
  34. Analytical questions
    • Connects text to other texts
    • How are they similar, different, related? How is the author right/wrong
    • Takes readers beyond text allows them to analyze relation of text and other text
  35. What does Okonkwo want for Nwoye?
    He wants him to grow up hard working and successful, respected and intimidating. We see this through how hard Okonkwo pushes Nwoye to work hard and not be emotional
  36. What are Okonkwo's characters and values
    He is hardworking, but doesn't believe in emotion and considers it weakness thanks to his father
  37. What is Ogbufi Ezeudu's advice to Okonkwo regarding Ikemefuna?
    To stay away and not get involved, he tells him this so that he won't feel the blow of killing a boy who is "like his son"
  38. The men of Umufoia compare the white man to what?
    A leper, foreshadowing how they're going to take over the village and sicken them/their life style
  39. Who are the egwugwu?
    Trial/legal rulers, leader of the "ilo", a sacred place women aren't allowed in/where ancestors are supposed to be
  40. When Ezinma is taken to the sacred cave what does Okonkwo do/what does that reflect about him?
    He follows her showing that he does have a heart and has good/close relationships to people close to him
  41. At Ezeudu's funeral what happens? What is the result for Okonkwo (emotionally/literally)?
    Okonkwo accidently shoots Ezedu's son, kills him and gets banished to his maternal family for 7 years and destroys his legacy
  42. What is Chi
    it is a personal god/spirit that sets their capacity for success.
  43. What happened to the clan Abame/what does this imply
    It was wiped out by invading whites and foreshadow's okonkwo's village's doom.
  44. Who are the efulefu/how do their roles change when the missionaries come
    They are the outcasts of society who are looked down on, they join up with the christians and help the missionaries take over the village
  45. What happens with Nwoye and Okonkwo in chap17/what does it say about Okonkwo's character
    Okonkwo learns that Nwoye converted adn starts to strangle him. It shows how impulsive and intolerant he is. THen he banishes him from the family
  46. Where did the missionaries build their church/why/what happened
    They were given a supposedly haunted Evil Forest because the villagers thought they'd be driven out, but they continued to thrive
  47. What happened with the sacred python?
    It was killed by one of the missionaries (alledgely) who died before being convicted showing how the christians disbelieve and disrespect the Igbo culture
  48. TP-CASTT
    • Title (just the title)
    • Paraphrase
    • Connotation
    • Attitude
    • Shifts
    • Title (explain)
    • Theme
  49. Participle
    A verb pretending to be an adjective
  50. TWIST
    • Tone
    • Word choice
    • Imagery
    • Style
    • Theme
  51. Nazi
    National Socialist German Worker's Party, led by Hitler based on extreme anti-semitism
  52. Adolf Hitler
    Leader of Nazis, thought to be future master of a master race by followers
  53. Heinrich Himmler
    1900-1945, cheif of SS and Gestapo, created systems of genocide
  54. Adolf Eichmann
    1906-1962 German Administrater responsible for carrying out Hitler's final wishes/ administering concentration camps
  55. Rudolf Hess
    1894-1987German politicion, deputy leader of Nazi party/ friend of Hitler
  56. Dr. Josef mengele
    1911-1979 evil scientist, in Aushwitz he performed experiments on twins especially and ~300 children, studied philosophy at Munich/Frankfort university,
  57. Third Reich
    Name for Germany during Nazi dictatorship
  58. Gestapo
    Political police force for the third reich
  59. Dachau
    Founded 20 March, 1933 by Himmler is was a concentration camp for political detainees.
  60. Auschwitz
    Concentration camp that killed ~12,000 people a day
  61. Theresienstadt
    Concentration camp in Czechoslovakia
  62. The Final Solution
    The decision to kill all jews
  63. Anne Frank
    Young girl who wrote in her diary about everything that happened
  64. Kristallnacht
    9-10 November, 1938: massacre of Jews because of Polish Jew killing a German offical in Paris
  65. Nuremberg laws
    1935 hasty set of laws taking away Jewish rights
  66. Why was Germany willing to accept Hitler as a dictator/use Jews as a scapegoat?
    Because they'd rather be killer than victims and didn't want to be a minority opposing the killers. They also thought that the idea of being a part of a master race was desirable and Hitler got them out of a financial crisis
  67. What forms of propaganda did Hitler use?
    He blamed Jews, was a convincing speechgiver, told certain people that they were special and raised children to believe to fight for him and his ideas
  68. Types of propaganda
    • Name calling
    • Transfer
    • Glittering Generalities
    • Testimonials
    • Plain Folks
    • Card-Stacking
    • Bandwagon
  69. Name-calling
    Using terms that have powerful emotional connections
  70. Transfer
    Borrowing an image from another person or group
  71. Glittering Generalities
    Making an appealing claim with no supporting evidence
  72. Testimonial
    Using an influential person to support a product or idea
  73. Plain folk
    Adopting the post of an ordinary person
  74. Card-stacking
    Revealing only part of the truth
  75. Bandwagon
    Trying to convince the audience to join the crowd.
  76. Who is Moishe the Beadle, what are the effects of what happens to him?
    He was a foreign jew who mentored Elie in their religion, he was taken by the Hungarian police, witnesses horrible things and escapes trying to warn the others, but they don't listen
  77. How are the Jews expelled from Sighet, what does their mode of transport say about how the Germans felt towards them?
    They're sent in cramped cars/trains with bars showing that the Germans considered them inferior/like animals
  78. How does Dr. Mengele's posistion in the camp represent his position in the occurances in auschwitz?
    He chooses who lives/dies, and becomes a twisted ruler of fate.
  79. On the way to the barrack what do the SS march Elie by and why?
    The creatoriums to make them remember who is in charge and how quickly they can be liquidated.
  80. What does Elie do when his dad is beaten and what does this reflect on the prisoners
    He gets mad at his dad and blames the victim. This shows how the prisoners have lost their solidarity and how fragile they are.
  81. What are Elie's thoughts during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
    He is moping around adn thinking about how faithless he is
  82. Why does Ellie consider the prisoners stronger than God
    Because they can withstand the pain and he didn't think God could understand
  83. Why did Dr. Mengele come to the camp
    To decide other's fate and to use the limitless supply of cadavers/potential cadavers for his experiments
  84. What happened when Elie's turn for trying to pass selection came
    He ran passed the SS to look strong, he had a fearful tone
  85. Why did Elie's father give him a knife and spoon
    Because he thought he was going to die and wanted Elie to have an inheritance
  86. What happened to Akiba Drummer
    He was sent to the gas chambers. He asked to be prayed for but was forgotten
  87. What happened to Elie when he was in the infirmary
    He was told to rest but warned he could be selected. He also had leg surgery
  88. Why was the camp evacuted
    Because the liberator decided to not give up on them and came to save them
  89. What did Elie think about  his body when he was march away from Auschwitz
    He imagines his body is a machine that is weighted, held back and possibly the death of him. He has entered a survival mode
  90. In what way does the arrival at Gleiwitz seem to have been more dangerous than the trip to it
    Everyone is being killed adn dying in the cold, anyone could die in their sleep, either by suffication or freezing
  91. By the time they reach Buchenwalk how had Elie's father chagned
    He had become sick, weak and a burden that Elie was tired of
  92. What did the men in the resistance group accomplish
    They decied not to abadon the Jews and saved them from Buchenwald, all they wanted was some food when they were finally rescued
  93. DIDLS
    • Diction
    • Images
    • Details
    • Language
    • Sentence structure
  94. SOAPSTone
    • Subject
    • Ocassion
    • Audience
    • Purpose
    • Speaker
    • Tone
    • Paraphrase
    • Purpose
    • Structure
    • Shift
    • Speaker
    • Tone
    • Theme
    • Title
  96. First line of the Absolutley true story of a Part time Indian
    I was born with water on the brain
  97. First and last lines of Twelfth Night Act 1
    • 1st: "Orsino: If music be the food of love play on"
    • Last:"Olivia: what is decreed must be and be this so."
  98. First and last lines of Twelfth night act 2
    • 1st:"Antonio: WIll you stay no longer? Nor will you not that I go with you?"
    • Last: "I'll make one too"
  99. First and last lines of twelfth nigth act 3
    • 1st: "Viola: Save thee friend adn thy music. Dost thou live by ty tabor?"
    • Last: "Sir Toby: I dare lay any money 'twill be nothing yet"
  100. First adn last lines of twelfth night act 4
    • 1st:"Feste: Will you make me believe that I am not sent for you?"
    • Last: "Olivia: Then lead the way good father, and heavens so shine/that they may fairly note this act of mine!"
  101. First and last lines of twelfth night act 5
    • 1st: "Fabian: Now as thou lov'st me let me see his letter"
    • Last: "Feste: And we'll strive ot please you everyday."
  102. First line of Things Fall Apart
    "Okonkwo was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond"
  103. Last line of Things Fall Apart
    "He had already chosen the title of the book, after much thought: The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger."
  104. Epigraph before The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian
    There is another world, but it is in this one. –W.B. Yeats
  105. First line of Night
    "They called him Moishe the Beadle, as if his entire life he had never had a surname
  106. Last line of Night
    "The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left me."
  107. Thesis funnel paragraph
    • Hook
    • Background
    • Topic
    • Thesis
    • Preview of points
  108. Funnel Paragraph
    • Topic Sentence
    • Broader context
    • Immdiate context
    • Quotation
    • Explain
    • Analysis(how quotation supports thesis)
    • Transition/concluding sentence
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