chap 4

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  1. Which of the following does not characterize the pattern that behavior will follow?
    As the need increases beyond a certain level, the employee becomes fixaed on the specific need disregards the ultimate goal
  2. To become an effective supervisor, all of the following are true except
    one must recognize that officers can be motivated by fear
  3. The combination of __determines what motivates an officer to act in a certain way in a particular situation
    external and internal forces
  4. A motivated employee is the product of interaction of the employee with the ___ and the __ that are generated.
    organization, attitudes
  5. The __is a vehicle aiding in the understanding of human behavior that provides an appreciation of interacting forces and resultant behavior
    motivation cycle
  6. An officer who is placed with an organization that really motivates its employees will find all of the following to be true except
    tasks are accomplished easily
  7. for many employees, the attainment of __is as important as material rewards.
    work related goals
  8. More states that what two types of feelings come into play when considering work?
    global and facet
  9. Within a good workplace, the relationship between each employee and the organization is one of
  10. Based on Herzbergs view of satisfiers and dissatisfiers, hygiene factors
    cannot increase job satisfaction but only affect the amount of job dissatisfaction
  11. When an agency concentrates on physiological needs as a means of motivating officers, they place emphasis on 
    better working conditions
  12. Closely paralleling theory x is another motivational theory called the 
    carrot and stick theory
  13. Hygiene factors are generally 
    short lived
  14. Theory x places a strong emphasis on 
    control and direction
  15. According to More, when officers are on probation and new to the job, a __approach may be more appropriate to supervise them
    theory x
  16. Which of the following feaatures is not a part of expectancy theory
    performance input
  17. When reinforcement is used to modify behavior, it must be done
    consistently and continuously
  18. An individuals motivation to act depends on two factors:the strength of the need and the belief that a certain action will lead to need satisfaction
  19. A supervisor should strive to create a quality of organiztional work life in which most officers become self motivated
  20. As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to develop needs in your officers and, when appropriate, make organizational needs overcome personal needs
  21. Herberg's study found that hygiene factors were unrelated to the actual accomplishment of work
  22. Motivation is defined as an action that causes someone's behavior to change
  23. An agency where conditions are maximized for positive motivation is a department where on is allowed to be creative and accept a challenge
  24. The socially motivated supervisor stresses officers' needs and will ignore organizational needs
  25. Supervisors who recognize the importance of esteem needs do everthing possible to ensure that officers demonstrate self confidence
  26. A supervisor whose primary drive is esteem will usually be a poor supervisor
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