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  1. 5 Health related fitness components
    • Cardiovascular fitness
    • muscular strength
    • muscular endurance
    • flexibility
    • body composition
  2. 5 skill related fitness components
    • agility
    • balance
    • coordination
    • power
    • speed
  3. cardiovascular fitness
    ability to exercise you entire body for long periods of times
  4. muscular strength
    amount of force you muscles can produce
  5. muscular endurance
    ablility to use you muscles many times without tiring
  6. flexibility
    ablility to move you joints fully through a wide tange of mition
  7. Body composition
    % ration of fat tissue to lean tissue
  8. Agility
    ability to change postion and direction of your body and accurately
  9. balance
    ability to keep a stable posture while standing still or moving
  10. Coordination
    able to use your senses together with your body parts or use 2 or more body parts together
  11. Power
    able tyo use strenghth quickly
  12. Speed
    able to perform a movement from point a to b in the shortest time
  13. What is the importance of doing warm-up
    it decreases risk of injury and prepares body for movement
  14. What is the importance of doing cool down
    reduces body soreness and brings the body back to its normal state
  15. Fitt formula
    • Freqency- how often
    • Intensity- how hard
    • Time- how long
    • Type- what type of exercise
  16. Target heart rate range %
  17. What is the amount of time you should workout continuously ( cardiovascular)
    30-60 mins
  18. What is the amont of days that you should work out (cardiovascular)
    3-6 days
  19. To improve flexibilty, when is the best itme to stretch
    after workout
  20. aerobic
    steady with oxygen
  21. Maintenance fo a healty weight is governed by what two factors
    diet and exercise
  22. 4 survival skills in swimming
    • treading water
    • survival float
    • survival travel
    • release of cramp
  23. items used for reach and assist
    • reaching pole
    • ring buoy
    • personal floating device
  24. What do you need to consider when going to dive
    how deep the water is
  25. 4  competitive swimming strokes
    • freestyle
    • backstroke
    • breaststroke
    • butterflystroke
  26. 3 resting swimming strokes.
    • elementary strokes
    • sidestroke
    • survival travel
  27. What is also known as a front crawl
  28. Freestyle
    • forehead at waterline
    • flutter kick
    • rotary breathing
    • alternating arm circles with flutter kick
  29. backstroke
    • ears in chin up
    • flutter kick
    • arm circles with flutter kick
  30. breaststroke
    • forhead at water like
    • breathe by tilting head up
    • whip kick
    • pull breathe kick glide
  31. butterlfly stroke
    • face down
    • dolphin kick
    • 2 kick for every one arm movement
  32. elementary backstroke
    • ears in chin up
    • whip kick
    • arms and legs move together with glide
  33. sidestroke
    • head tilted to the side
    • scissor kick
    • laying on your side
    • arms and legs move simultaneously
  34. survival travel
    • lift head up only to breathe
    • whip or scissor kick
    • pull breathe kick and long glide
  35. To find MHR
  36. To find CR ( cardiac reserve)
  37. To find Lower THR
    60% of CR + RHR
  38. To find High THR
    80% fo CR + RHR
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