Materia Medica 4

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  1. What are Ban Xia's properties?
    • Acrid
    • Warm
    • Toxic (drying)
    • LU, SP, ST
  2. What are the actions and indications of Ban Xia?
    • Dry dampness, transform phlegm & causes rebellious qi to descend --> transform phlegm due to dampness of the SP, copious sputum
    • Harmonizes ST & stop vomiting --> phlegm dampness in ST that rebels upwards
    • Dissipates nodules & reduce distention --> nodules, pressure, distention or obstruction
  3. What are  Ban Xia's contraindications?
    • Bleeding, yin def cough, depleted fluids
    • Caution w/heat signs
  4. What is the dosage for  Ban Xia?
    • 4.5-12 grams
    • Raw herb = external wash only!
    • Fa Ban Xia = deep fried w/ginger, vinegar and  is what is given at the pharmacy
    • Jiang Ban Xia = tx w/ginger juice
  5. Compare Bei Mu & Ban Xia:
    Bei Mu --> transform phelgm, stop coughing, sweet/cold to clear heat, moistens dryness, dissipates nodules, for phlegm-heat

    Ban Xia --> transform phelgm, stop coughing, acrid/warm to dry dampness, transform damp- & cold-phelgm, reduces focal distension
  6. What is Tian Nan Xing's properties?
    • Bitter
    • Acrid
    • Warm
    • TOXIC
    • LV, LU, SP
  7. What are the actions & indications of Tian Nan Xing?
    • Dry dampness, expel phlegm --> distended sensation in chest due to stubborn phlegm
    • Disperse wind phlegm in channel & stop spasm --> wind-phlegm obstruction caused dizziness, numbness, facial paralysis, stroke, lockjaw
    • Reduces swelling & alleviate P! --> topically for deep rooted sore ulcers. Also for swelling due to traumatic injury.
  8. What is the contraindications for Tian Nan Xing?
    • Yin def, dry phlegm or heat & dryness of LU
    • Raw = topically for yin-type abscesses, trauma-induced swelling & P!
    • Internally = decocted w/fresh ginger
    • *If numbness of tongue occurs after ingestion, granulated sugar can be taken as antidote.
  9. What is Tian Nan Xing's dosage?
    4.5-9 grams
  10. What is the property of Dan Nan Xing?
    • Bitter
    • Cool
    • LV, LU, SP, GB
  11. What are the actions & indications of Dan Nan Xing?
    • Clears & transforms phlegm-heat, extinguishes wind & arrest tremors --> seizures, stroke due to phlegm-heat
    • Often used in pediatric
  12. What is Bai Fu Zi's properties?
    • Acrid
    • Sweet
    • Warm
    • TOXIC
    • LV, SP, ST
  13. What are the actions & indications of Bai Fu Zi?
    • Dries dampness, transforms phlegm, expels wind and stops spams --> wind-phlegm affecting the head (wind stroke, facial paralysis, migraines)
    • Expels wind-cold dampness & alleviates P! --> bi syndrome, dizziness, lateral HA, numbness, facial P!
    • Relieves toxicity & dissipates nodules --> snakebites, scrofula. Usually used topically.
    • *NOTE*
    • Fu Zi = predecoct 2 hours
    • Hei Fu Zi (black appendage)= acrid, ext hot, expel damp-cold in lower burner
    • Bai Fu Zi (white appendage) = acrid, warm, expel damp-cold from upper burner
  14. What are the contraindications for Bai Fu Zi?
    • Yin def w/heat signs
  15. What is the dosage for Bai Fu Zi?
    1.5-6 grams
  16. What are the properties of Xuan Fu Hua?
    • Bitter
    • Acrid
    • (Salty)
    • Sl. Warm
    • LV, LU, (LI), ST, SP
  17. What are the actions of Xuan Fu Hua?
    • Redirect Qi downward & expel phlegm --> congested fluid disorder, wheezing
    • Stops vomiting & calm rebellion --> due to def of ST or SP or damp SP disorder w/vomiting & hiccups
    • Effect on smooth muscles
  18. What are the contraindications for Xuan Fu Hua?
    use it sparingly in cases of deficiency
  19. What is the dosage of Xuan Fu Hua?
    3-12 grams (decoct in cheesecloth bag)
  20. What are the properties of Bai Qian?
    • Acrid
    • Sweet
    • Sl. Warm
    • LU
  21. What are the actions & indications of Bai Qian?
    • *Important herb for LU Qi blocking & stagnation *
    • Redirect Qi downward & expel phlegm --> gurgling in throat, excessive disorder w/copious sputum difficult to expectorate. Not drying.
  22. Compare Bai Qian & Ma Huang:
    • Bai Qian --> redirects qi downward, but WEAKER than Ma Huang
    • Can be substituted for Ma Huang, if patient is too weak to tolerate Ma Huang.
  23. What are the contraindications of Bai Qian?
    Cough due to qi def or inability of the KD to grasp qi
  24. What is the dosage for Bai Qian?
    3-9 grams
  25. What are the properties of Bai Jie Zi?
    • Acrid
    • Warm
    • LU
  26. What are the actions & indications of Bai Jie Zi?
    • Warm the LU, regulate qi & expel phlegm --> thin copious sputum, chest distention & P!
    • Dissipate nodule, reduce swelling & alleviate P! --> joint P!, body ache, yin type boil, bedsore
  27. What are the contraindications for Bai Jie Zi?
    • Cough due to LU def, yin def w/heat signs
    • DO NOT use topically for pts w/skin sensitivities.
  28. What is the dosage for Bai Jie Zi?
    • 3-9 grams
    • For topical use, grind into powder & mix w/vinegar
  29. Compare Bai Jie Zi, Su Zi and Lai Fu Zi:
    • All 3 transform phlegm, regulate qi and pacify wheezing.
    • Bai Jie Zi = warms LU qi
    • Su Zi = directs LU qi down
    • Lai Fu Zi = disperses LU qi
  30. What are the properties of Jie Geng?
    • Bitter
    • Acrid
    • Neutral
    • LU
  31. What are the actions & indications for Jie Geng?
    • Open up & disseminate the LU qi + expel phlegm 
    • Promote discharge of pus --> LU or throat abscess 
    • Benefit the throat --> sore throat, loss of voice
    • Direct effect of other herb to upper region of the body --> respiratory effect
  32. What are the contraindications of Jie Geng?
  33. What is the dosage for Jie Geng?
    3-9 grams
  34. What are the properties of Zao Jiao?
    • Acrid
    • Warm
    • Sl. Toxic
    • LU, LI
  35. What are the actions & indications of Zao Jiao?
    • Dispel phlegm --> STRONG phlegm dispel effect, copious sputum difficult to expectorate
    • Open the orifices & revive the spirit --> sudden loss of consciousness w/facial paralysis or seizures
    • Dissipate clumps and reduce swelling --> initial stage of abscess & boil 
    • As a suppository, unblock the bowel, expel roundworm 
    • *NOTE*
    • Preparation of Zao Jiao increase secretions in the ST & respiratory tract. Also, has inhibitory effect in-vitro against gram-negative bacteria.
  36. What are the contraindications for Zao Jiao?
    • Qi or yin def, hemoptysis 
    • OD can caused vomiting & diarrhea
  37. What is the dosage for Zao Jiao?
    • 0.6-1.5 grams in pill and powder form only
    • Topically, apply appropriate amount
  38. What are the properties of Zao Jiao Ci?
    • Spine of the plant
    • Acrid
    • Warm
    • LV, ST
  39. What are the actions & indications of Zao Jiao Ci?
    • Reduces swelling, discharges pus, invigorates the blood, reduces abscesses
    • Expels wind & kills parasites --> leprosy & ringworm
  40. What are the contraindications for Zao Jiao Ci?
    • when ulcers have already burst
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