History Midterm

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  1. Artifact
    man made object
  2. Fossil
    trace of a organism imbeded in the earth's crust
  3. Culture
    characteristics of a group of people who have something in common like religious beliefs
  4. Hominid
    a species that walk upright, including human beings
  5. Technology
    the way in which people apply knowledge, tools nd inventions to meet their needs.
  6. Hunter-gather
    group whose food supply depends on hunting animals and gathering plants
  7. Neolithic Revolution
    major change in human life caused by the beginning of farming
  8. Domestication
    the taming of animals for human use
  9. Civilization
    a culture characterized by cities, workers, institutions, record keeping and advanced technology
  10. Specilization
    development or special skills in a particular kind of work
  11. Institution
    a long lasting pattern or organization in a community
  12. Bronze Age
    period in which people starting using bronze instead of copper
  13. Ziggurat
    a pryamid shaped structure
  14. Scribe
    a professional record keeper in early civilization
  15. Cuneiform
    a Sumerian system of writing with wedge shaped symbols
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