Family Medicine Questions

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  1. rx for abnormal uterine bleeding (menorrhagia)
    • nsaid
    • estrogen and ocps
  2. Rx for allergic rhinits?
    intranasal glucocorticoids
  3. What decreases the risk of post thromboic syndrome after a dvt?
    compression stockings
  4. laryngotracheobronchitis rx?
    • steroids
    • epinephrine
  5. Which are the most clinically valid studies?
    randomized, placebo controlled studies
  6. What proteins are decreased in  a pt with sepsis?
    albumin bc acute phase proteins are being synthesized instead
  7. where shud the insulin be injected in an athlete?
    in the non exercised part of the body i.e abdomen
  8. Vit D deficiency measures what form of vit d in the blood?
    25 hydroxycalciferol
  9. Oral hypoglycemis shud be switched to what in a woman that is pregnant?
  10. coin rubbing to get rid of disease is practiced in what geographic region?
    east asia
  11. Refractory asthama  exacerbation to albuterol, next drug?
    oral corticosteroids
  12. Recommendation for mammography from age 40?
    every 1-2 years
  13. which drugs make elderly fall?
  14. What prevents contrast induced nephropahty in renal insufficieny?
    • isotonic bicarb
    • n acetyl cysteine
  15. the most common type of incontinence?
    stress incontinenece
  16. rx for narcolepsy?
  17. of the atypical antipsychotics, which one has the least propensity for weight gain?
  18. a chest tube in a pneumothorax case is needed if it involves how much of the lung volume?
  19. management of a <15% pneumothorax in a pt with no lung pathology?
    outpatient --analgesics and reevaluate after 3 days
  20. most common cause of hypercalcemia--
    high pth
  21. shud a cigarette smoker receive the pneumococcal vaccine?
  22. Rx for diverticulitis?
    • amox/clavulanate
    • mnz and fq
  23. SCFH or slipped capiral femoral head is diagnosed how?
    limited internal rotation when the hip is flexed
  24. campylobacter affects which sex more?
  25. When shud you lower bp post cerebral stroke?
  26. most common cause of unilateral nasal obstruction?
    nasal septum
  27. initial management of a hypercalcemic crisis?
    hydration then furosemide
  28. oral, genital ulcers, uveitis, vasculitis, arhtritis in asian person?
    behcet disease
  29. what is the best management of afib?
    ventricular rate control and warfarin for chads2 score of more than 2
  30. honey colored crusts?
    impetigo--staph or group a
  31. 1st choice drug for depression in kids and adolescents/?
  32. Rx for alopecia aerata?
    intralesional corticosteroids
  33. most common presenting symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea?
    excessive daytime sleepiness
  34. birth weight in a young infant is regained in how many weeks?
  35. what artery is harvested in an AAA repair?
    inferior mesenteric artery leading to ischemic colitis
  36. intensive glycemic control has benefits in all of diabetic complications except which one?
    cardiovascular disesae
  37. varenicline and nicotine pathces are beneficial?
  38. MOA of varenicline?
    binds to opiate receptors in the brain
  39. Diabetic drug for weight loss?
  40. high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion in what age population should not be treated aggressively?
  41. What are the vital signs of an anorexic?
    • hypotension
    • bradycardia
    • hypothermia
  42. What is the risk of adenocarcinoma from barrets esophagus?
  43. Dermatophyte treatment when involving hair or nail?
    • terbinafine
    • topical ketoconazole
  44. Rx for raynauds disease?
  45. What gout drug worsens gout in an acute attack?
  46. management of a pregnant pt with a dvt during pregnancy?
    continue anticoagulation for 6 weeks
  47. what are the only 2 meds for kids with dm type 2?
    • metformin
    • insulin
  48. what hormones is used to differentiate between seizure and pseudoseizure?
  49. a person younger than 30 with less than 2 grams of protein in urine has most likely what?
    orthostatic proteinuria
  50. Common cause of conductive hearing loss in women?
  51. what is the ankle ottawa rules?
    • x ray if 
    • cant take 4 steps
    • tenderness over navicular or base of 5th metatarsal
    • tenderness over the malleoulus
  52. diagnosis of pcos?
    • 2 of the following 4
    • oligomennorhea
    • ammenorhea
    • pcos
    • clinical and biochemical hyperandregonism
  53. what herbal supplement produces bleeding?
  54. where do you incise for emergency airway?
    cricothyroid membrane
  55. antidepressant with least sexual side effects?
  56. side effect of corticosteroid does what in copd?
    increases risk for pneumonia
  57. rx for scabies?
    • permethrin
    • lindane
  58. what disease is associated with dupuytren's contracture?
    • dm
    • liver disease
  59. Rx for granuloma annulare?
    • nothing
    • will resolve
  60. role of probiotics?
    decreases the course of antiobitoc associated or infectioius dirrhea

    • contraindications--short gut syndrome
    • immunocompromised states
  61. after how many months into pregnancy should you screen for gestational diabetes?
  62. normal ef?
  63. What is presbyscusis?
    • gradual hearing loss
    • with age
    • symmetrical
    • bilateral
    • sensinuronal
  64. 4 types of inconitence?
    • functional--get get to the toilet
    • stress---due to increased abdominal pressure
    • overactive or detrussor instability
    • neurogenic--due to ms, dm, 
  65. ldl goal with cad, pad, carotid disease, aortic disease, dm?
    LDL goal with cad and DM?
    • <100
    • <70
  66. lifestyle modification has greatest effect on what part of cholesterol?
  67. for every kg of body loss how much decrease is there in bp?
    1mm hg
  68. smoking and exercise has greatest effect on what cholesterol profile?
  69. chest pain on exertion and -ve ekg
    next best step?
    what will be the result on ekg?
    • stress test
    • st depression
  70. +stress test?
    • 2mm st depression
    • or
    • hypotension-->10mmHg of systolic
  71. contraindications to stress test
    cardiac instability
  72. cant exercise, what u use for stress test?
    • dipyrimadole
    • dobutamine
  73. if you cant exercise or if u cant read the ekg bc 
    2-- lvh
    • thalium uptake
    • or
    • dobutamine and echo
  74. what increases false positive rate?
    low pretest likelyhood of disease
  75. nuclear stress test?
    what happens?
    radioactive thalium is picked up by cells
  76. with dobutamine and adenosine what do you see on echo?
    decrease wall contractility
  77. when is angiography done?
    in those with stable angina and + stress test
  78. when is cabg done?
    • decreased ventricular funciton
    • unable to do pci bc dz is too diffuse
    • stenosis of left main coronary
    • three vessel dz
    • two vessel dz with dm and cad
  79. when do you do angioplast with a stent?
    1 or 2 vessel dz
  80. lowering what cholesterol profile decreases mortality?
  81. target for ldl with cad and dm or acute stroke?
    less than 70
  82. which of the cholesterol drugs decreases mortality?
  83. what lowers mortality in stemi?
    • asa
    • bb
    • tpa
    • angioplasty
  84. when is ticlopidine the answer?
  85. diff between unstable and nstemi?
  86. when is clopidogrel used?
    • cant take aspirin
    • post stent
    • post angioplasty
  87. when is abciximab given?
    • unstable
    • nstemi
  88. What is the timi score?
    • age>65
    • aspiring in the past 7 days
    • angina >2 in the past 24 hrs
    • biomarker
    • cad risk factors
    • dx of cad
    • ekg changes >0.5 st changes
  89. according to the timi score, when shud pt get heparin, abciximab and angiography ?
    timi >3
  90. st elevation in how many leads for stemi?
    2 leads
  91. what are the ecg changes in mi?
    • peaked t waves
    • st elevation
    • q wave
    • depressed t wave
  92. when do you give thrombolytics?
    • st elevation
    • new Lbbb
  93. contraindication to thrombolytics?
    • ischemic stroke in the past 3 months
    • intracranial hemmorhage
    • melena
  94. drugs after acs?
    • aspiring and anti anginals
    • bb and bp meds
    • cholesterol
    • diet and diabetes
    • exercise
  95. how to tell diff between valve rupture and septal rupture?
    oxygen saturation increased
  96. long term therapy for post vfib/vtech??
  97. vtach/vfeb unprovoked?
  98. most accurate test for prinzmetal angina?
    what test?
    • angiography--normal
    • ergonavine
  99. test for confirming parkinsons?
    symptoms improve with dopamine
  100. common cause of wheezing in an infant?
  101. what surgeries carry a high risk for perioperative myocardial ischemia?
    vascular surgery
  102. most accurate test for gastroparesis?
    gastric emptying scintigraphy
  103. benign nocturnal limb pains in child?
    pain in the thighs and/or legs after an active day
  104. migraine prophylaxis?
    • bb
    • amitryptalline
  105. before starting statin, would shud be ruled out?
    secondary causes of high lipds such as dm, hypothyroid
  106. when do u stop the prophylaxis and/or treatment for opportunistic infections in HIV?
    when t cell count goes up to over 200
  107. in what esophageal disorder do you not scope?
  108. management of rosacea?
    antibiotics--metro, doxycycline, tetracycline
  109. what is indicated for ovulation induction in pcos?
    • metformin
    • clomiphene
  110. rx for restless leg syndrome?
    • iron
    • ropinorole/bromocriptine
  111. rx for hiccups?
  112. best initial treatment for primary insomnia?
  113. rx of pyelonephritis in pregnant woman?
    • amp and gent
    • rocephin
  114. what over the counter drug is associated with serotonin syndrome?
  115. which antimuscarinic does not cross the blood brain barrier?
  116. what oral hypoglycemic reduces mortality?
  117. drug induced pleuritis?
    • hydralazine
    • inh
    • procainamide
  118. best initial imagining test for the uterus and adnexae?
    transvaginal sonogram
  119. rx for dvt ?
    • heparin for 5 days
    • warfarin for 3 months
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