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  1. Adjunct anesthetics
    Drugs used in combination with anesthetic drugs to control the adverse effects of anesthetics or to help maintain the anesthetic state in the patient. (See balanced anesthesia.) (p. 179)
  2. Anesthesia
    The loss of the ability to feel pain resulting from the administration of an anesthetic drug or other medical intervention. (p. 178)
  3. Anesthetics
    "Drugs that depress the central nervous system (CNS) or peripheral nerves to produce diminution of consciousness, loss of responsiveness to sensory stimulation, or muscle relaxation. (p. 178)"
  4. Balanced anesthesia
    The practice of using combinations of different drug classes rather than a single drug to produce anesthesia. (p. 179)
  5. General anesthesia
    A drug-induced state in which the CNS nerve impulses are altered to reduce pain and other sensations throughout the entire body. It normally involves complete loss of consciousness and depression of normal respiratory drive. (p. 178)
  6. Local anesthesia
    A drug-induced state in which peripheral or spinal nerve impulses are altered to reduce or eliminate pain and other sensations in tissues innervated by these nerves. (p. 179)
  7. Malignant hyperthermia
    "A genetically linked major adverse reaction to general anesthesia characterized by a rapid rise in body temperature, as well as tachycardia, tachypnea, and sweating. (p. 180)"
  8. Moderate sedation
    A milder form of general anesthesia that causes partial or complete loss of consciousness but does not generally reduce normal respiratory drive. (p. 182)
  9. Overton-Meyer theory
    A theory that describes the relationship between the lipid solubility of anesthetic drugs and their potency. (p. 179)
  10. Spinal anesthesia
    Local anesthesia induced by injection of an anesthetic drug near the spinal cord to anesthetize nerves that are distal to the site of injection (also called intraspinal anesthesia). (p. 182) (al 178)
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