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  1. What are the four main causes of WW1
    • Militarism (Build up of weapons)
    • Alliances
    • Imperilism (Gathering of Colonies)
    • Nationlisism
  2. Who was credited for uniting Germany?
    Otto Von Bismark
  3. What is realpolitik?
    you do what you must to win
  4. what is so important about Alsace and Lorraine?
    They are highly industrialized areas
  5. How is Bismark are major cause of WW1?
    He is rummored to have edited ( by taking out words out , not add them) the Ems Dispatch. This anger the French like as he planned, so france declared war on germany. Germany won
  6. Tell me about how italy is in ithis moment in time?
    it is broken up into many different kingdoms. There had been many attempts to unify the country.Cavour and Garibaldi were two main men  involved in Italy. Cavour is more white-collared and Garibaldi is more of a blue-collar. Garibaldi was working more with the people and crated the "red shirts". Italy thought that there might even be a Civil war.
  7. How did the conflict between Cavour and Garibaldi end?
    There was a secret meeting in a barn where they agreed to to unify under the the King Victor Emmanuel II, 1870
  8. What shape was Russia in right before the WW1
    Russia was not industrialzed yet, they were still stuck in medveial times.
  9. Who was the king in Russia at this time? And who was in the family?
    The king is called is "Tsar", his name is Nicholas and his (German) wife called the "Tsairna" nammed Alexandria.
  10. What is the problem with Russia king and queen?
    They are out of touch with their people.
  11. Who is Rasputin?
    He is the man who is irreplacable to Alexandira becasue he stopped a bleeding episode of her son who is the Tsarovitch (heir to the thrown)
  12. whats so special about Rasputin?
    For some reason He has a certain chrisma almost cult-like. He has a power of Alexandra and even gets her to get her husband to fire his capable ministers and fill their places with Rasputins drunken friends.
  13. What stupid move does Tsar do?
    He decides to leave and go to the front line of WW1
  14. who are the Bolsheviks?
    They are communists that over throw the Russian Goverment.
  15. What is the problem with the Royal Family in Russia?
    They are a lightning rod (as long as thay are thay are alive it could spark somthing)
  16. What does Russia become with the help of Lenin?
     The Union of Socialist Soviet Republic (USSR)
  17. Who is the Russian civil war between and who wins?
    Red vs. White Russian's . And the Red russian won
  18. Russia was no communist, what was the promise of Lenin had convinced them?
    "Land, peace and bread"
  19. Who was in the "Triple Alliance"
    Germany, Austira-Hungary and Italy
  20. Who was in the "Triple Entente"
    France, Russia and Great Britain (incl. Colonies i.e Canda, New Zeeland, India, Austraila)
  21. Quickly try and explain the Schieffen Plan
    Germany is now at war with russia  (because A-H declared war on Serbia because of the assination of the heir, Archduke Ferdinand by a memeber of the nationalist group:the Black Hand). Instead of germany having to deal with a war on two fronts (Russia and France one on each side) Germany decides to attack France first by surprise.They did so by going through Belgium. This triggers the involvment of the UK and all its Colonies.
  22. Are the Russians prepared for war? How we know?
    they are very unprepared' they are just men with sticks, they have no guns or anything. We know this because the Germans knocked Russia out in one battle (Tannerberg)
  23. where did WW1 mostly take place?
    In france
  24. What is Imperialism?
    This is the scramble for colonies. Britan is in the lead right now. Germany is feeling a new strength and wants to get in on having their own colonies. When Germany starts to get in on some of the action Birtan starts to get annoyed.
  25. Who did Germany fear?
    Germany feared the Eastern Front (Russia) and thought that the Western Front (France) would be easy, it was the oppodite.
  26. What defines a nation?
    • Language
    • Food&Bevrages
    • Customs
    • Clothing
    • Religion
    • Shared History
  27. Pre-WW1 what was a problem involving Nationlisim in A-H (Austira-Hungary).
    There were many groups living under the dual monarchy. People wanted to be there own nation. Ex. Pols,Czechs,Slavs,Slovaks, ect.. They wanted their own identity by their ethniticty.
  28. What is Militarism?
    The building up of military strength; a build up of arms.
  29. What has Germany been doing to become a "contender"?
    It has been industrializing and colonizing.
  30. What two things does Kaiser Wihelm do?
    He fires Bismark and decides to build his own navy, which pisses of England who takes this as a challagne.
  31. What naval "competition" starts between Germany and England?
    German builta new military ship called the Dreadnoughts. England will build one, Germany builds two more, Brit 4 more ect,ect,  While there was no war, both sides kept stockpiling weapons.
  32. What were Dreadnoughts?
    They were large, powerful, more modorn battleships. Their main objective was to destroy the enemy fleet.
  33. What happened during WW1 between England and Germany involving Germanys Dreadnoughts?
    The German fleet were "bottled up" in their home ports because the Britis had scared them, the Germans were way out numbered. The British used this fear to their advantage and kept Germany where they were. The Germans eventully surredered.
  34. Who were Moors?
    Moors were Muslims that lived in Northwest Africa.
  35. How many soliders did Britan lose during the Battle  of the somme?
    57,000 in one day (1916)
  36. What day do Newfoundlanders remeber? and why? and which battle?
    NFLD is still a british colony and July 1 1916 marks the battle of Beamont Hannel. 800 NFLDer fought, 69 answered roll call the next day.
  37. What is the big signifigance of Vimy Ridge for Canada?
    Its the candaian victory that "put us on the map"
  38. How did the Candians have an advantage over Germany at Vimy Ridge?
    We had made carful preps, trained how to use forgien guns and also we used the "rolling barrage"
  39. What had Canada acomplished at Vimy Ridge better then anyone else?
    Canada captured more land, guns and POW's (Prisoners of war) than any Brish battle yet.
  40. What were the Canadians considered?
    Storm troopers= brought into a head assat
  41. Who was the Canadian behind the planning of Vimy Ridge?
    Arthur Currie- was given commond of the entire canadian corps
  42. What was the big deal about Pashendale?
    Men drowned on the Battle field
  43. After losing 60,000 men britan sent for Currie and the canadians, what did currie say to that?
    He was appalled, he said it would cost him 16,000 men. It cost then 15,654 men to capture 5 miles.
  44. How was being a pilot scary during WW1
    You would be fighting without a parachute and you were flying directly over a battlefield, life expectancy for pilots was short, 1/3 pilots died in combat.
  45. What was a big acomplishment if you were a piolt?
    If you survived enough to shoot down five enemy planes then you were an "Ace". Canada had the best and 40% of the so called Britsh flyers were canadian. 
  46. How many enemy Aircrafts had Billy Bishop shot dowm
  47. How was canada paying to go to war, where were they getting all the money?
    Canda was borrowing from its own people with victory bonds, (80%  of war costs depending on the keyword VICTORY )
  48. What did Cnada need more of? how did they eventually end up getting them and why did they have to go to such great measures?
    More men were needed. Canada allies had all used consription so PM Borden did the same. He had to do this because at Vimy 10,000 soliders had died and only 5,000 had signed up after that month: we were running out of fighters because they were to scared to join the fight.
  49. Why were soldiers scared to join the war?
    After men had found out that their brother, father, grandfather; whoever had died or lost a limb or is now blind were less egar to volunteer for the war.Also people thought this was going to be a quick and esay war (be home by christmas)
  50. when was WW1? (begining to the end)
  51. Who ended up losing WW1? why?
    Triple Alliance (germany, A-H) they simple just ran out of men.
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