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  1. What are the reasons for appeasement?
    • 1. Fear of Communism
    • 2. Avoiding war
    • 3. Great Depression
    • 4. Sympathy to Treaty if Versailles
    • 5. Isolationism
    • 6. Anti-sentimism
  2. What is Blitzkreig?
    Means "lightning war," a technique used by the germans where they make quick, powerful attacks.
  3. When was the holocaust?
  4. What is Anti-sentimism?
    The hatred of Jews.
  5. What is a genocide?
    The planned extermination of a specific group of people.
  6. What was the holocaust?
    The murder of 6 million Jews.
  7. What is Auschwitz?
    An extermination camp during the Holocaust.
  8. When was D-day?
    June 6 1944
  9. What does D-day stand for?
    Deliverance day
  10. Where was D-day?
    Normandy beaches, France. Canada's beach was Juno.
  11. What was the significance of D-day?
    D-day is significant because it is the point of the war when the Allies won and all the countries that Germany had taken over were freed. It was a very important part of the war and important part of history. Also it was important for Canada because our country contributed to the Allied victory.
  12. What was the Battle of Britain?
    An air fight between the RAF and the Luftwaffe.
  13. What were the different alliances and who were in them?
    The Allies: Britain, France, Canada, USA, Russia (After 1941)

    The Axis: Germany, Austia - Hungary, Japan, Russia (until 1941)
  14. What and when was the non-agression pact?
    1939, alliance between Russia and Germany, planned to take over Poland. Was broken when Germany invaded russia in 1941.
  15. When was the Treaty of Versailles?
  16. What were the different opinions at the Treaty of Versailles?
    Woodrow Wilson (USA) : Free the seas, less weapons, people rule themselves, league of Nations

    - Doesn't want to be too harsh on Germany

    George Clemenceau(France) - Wants to crush Germany
  17. What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
    Military Controls: Army was 100 000, no weapons

    Reparations: Had to pay a lot for damage to Britain and France 33 billion

    War Guilt Clause: Germany had full guilt.

    Geographical clause: Germany loses colonies, Alsace and Loraine
  18. What was the significance of the Treaty of Versailles?
    The Treaty of Versailles's significance was that it was one of the main reasons for starting ww2. Also Canada got it's own 2 seats at the meeting, which shows our growing independence.
  19. Who was Winston Churchill?
    Prime Minister of Britain in WW2.
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