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  1. Ethics are the systematic concepts of _____ and _____.
    right; wrong
  2. Normative Ethics
  3. Normative ethics are the _____ standards regulating right or wrong, and assumes that there is _____ principle by which to judge all actions.
    moral; one
  4. Metaethics
  5. Metaethics seeks to understand the nature of _____ standards of conduct.
  6. Applied Ethics
  7. What does applied ethics do?
    It applies ethical theory to real life situations.
  8. AAA Code of Ethics
  9. The AAA Code of Ethics states that anthropologists have obligations to what three things?
    • Scholarly field
    • Society and culture
    • Human species, other species
  10. They have responsibility to ...(4 things)
    • People & Animals
    • Scholarship & Science
    • Public
    • Students & trainess
  11. Informed Consent
  12. In order for consent to be informed consent, what must those consenting do? (3 things)
    • Be able to consent
    • Be free from coercion
    • Comprehend risks and benefits
  13. History of Informed Consent
  14. How did the Nuremberg Code come about?
    It came about in response to the the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi doctos who performed unethical experimentation on humans during WWII.
  15. What is the Declaration of Helsinki?
    12 principles guiding physicians on ethical considerations related to biomedical research
  16. What does the US National Research Act do?
    Identify basic principles governing medical research involving humans.
  17. What is IRBs short for?
    Institutional Review Boards.
  18. What are the three principles underlying the ethical conduct of research in the Belmont Report?
    • Respect for persons
    • Beneficence= do no harm
    • Justice = just compensation
  19. Other famous ethical violations while conducting research
  20. 26 Nazi physicians tried at _____ for research atrocities performed on prisoners of war.
  21. What happened to a group of black men in Tuskegee, Alabama?
    They were not informed that they had been injected with syphilis.
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