Spanish Regular Verbs

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  1. alquilar
    to rent
  2. entrar (en)
    to enter (into)
  3. necesitar
    to need
  4. amar
    to love
  5. enviar
    to send
  6. olvidar
    to forget
  7. andar
    to walk
  8. escuchar
    to listen to
  9. pagar
    to pay for
  10. ayudar
    to help
  11. esperar
    to hope, to wait for
  12. practicar
    to practice
  13. bailar
    to dance
  14. estudiar
    to study
  15. preguntar
    to ask
  16. buscar
    to look for
  17. firmar
    to sign
  18. preparar
    to prepare
  19. caminar
    to walk
  20. ganar
    to win, earn
  21. regresar
    to return
  22. cantar
    to sing
  23. gastar
    to spend money
  24. saludar
    to greet
  25. cocinar
    to cook
  26. hablar
    to speak, to talk
  27. tocar
    to touch, to play an instrument
  28. comprar
    to buy
  29. lavar
    to wash
  30. tomar
    to take, to drink
  31. contestar
    to answer
  32. llegar
    to arrive
  33. trabajar
    to work
  34. dejar
    to allow, to leave
  35. llevar
    to wear, to carry
  36. viajar
    to travel
  37. desear
    to desire
  38. mandar
    to order
  39. visitar
    to visit
  40. enseñar
    to teach
  41. mirar
    to watch, to look at
  42. aprender
    to learn
  43. creer
    to believe
  44. poseer
    to possess, to own
  45. beber
    to drink
  46. deber
    to have to, to owe
  47. prometer
    to promise
  48. comer
    to eat
  49. esconder
    to hide
  50. romper
    to break
  51. comprender
    to understand
  52. leer
    to read
  53. temer
    to fear
  54. correr
    to run
  55. meter en
    to put into
  56. vender
    to sell

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Spanish Regular Verbs
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Spanish Regular Verbs

Spanish Regular Verbs
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