Environment & Diversity

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  1. Competitive advantage
    Allows an organisation to deal with market and environmental forces better than its competitors.
  2. Specific environment
    • Includes the people and groups with whom an organisation interacts.
    • Suppliers
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • Regulators
  3. Environmental uncertainty
    A lack of complete information about the environment.
  4. Customer relationship management (CRM)
    Strategically tries to build lasting relationships with and add value for customers.
  5. Supply chain management
    Strategically links all operations dealing with resource supplies.
  6. Total quality management (TQM)
    Commitment to continuous improvement, product quality and customer satisfaction.
  7. Continuous improvement
    Always searching for new ways to improve operations quality and performance.
  8. Organisational culture
    System of shared beliefs and values that develops within an organisation and guides the behaviours of its members.
  9. Symbolic leader
    A leader that uses sympbols to establish and maintain a desired organisational culture.
  10. Affirmative action
    Commits the organisation to hiring and advancing minority groups and women.
  11. General environment
    • The background conditions that influence the organisation.
    • Polictical conditions
    • Economic conditions
    • Sociocultural conditions
    • Technological conditions
    • Environmental conditions
  12. 'Upside-down pyramid'
    A symbol of how organisations of today are refocusing on the customers with managers supporting the improvement of quality and value.
  13. Observable culture
    Rites, rituals, stories, heroes and symbols of an organisation.
  14. Core culture
    Core values and fundamental beliefs on which the organisation is based.
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