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  1. Controlling
    The process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results.
  2. Steps in the control process
    • 1. Establish objectives and standards
    • 2. Measure actual performance
    • 3. Compare results with objectives and standards
    • 4. Take corrective action
  3. Feedforward controls
    Preliminary controls, ensures that directions and resources are right before the work begins.
  4. Concurrent controls
    Focuses on what happens during the work process.
  5. Feedback controls
    Takes place after and action is completed.
  6. Internal control
    Occurs through self-discipline and self-control.
  7. External control
    Occurs through direct supervision or administrative systems such as rules and procedures.
  8. Bureaucratic control
    Influences behaviour through authority, policies, procedures and supervision.
  9. Clan control
    Influences behaviour through norms and expectations set by organisational culture.
  10. Market control
    The influence of market competition on the behaviour of organisations and thier members.
  11. Progressive discipline
    The process of tying reprimands to the severity and frequency of misbehaviour.
  12. Gantt chart
    Graphically displays the scheduling of tasks required to complete a project.
  13. CPM/PERT
    A combination of the critical path method and the program evaluation and review technique. A chart that breakdown a project into a series of activities.
  14. Balanced scorecard
    • Tallies organisational performance on 4 perspectives.
    • -Financial performance
    • -Customer satisfaction
    • -Internal processes
    • -Innovation & learning
  15. Management by objectives (MBO)
    A process of joint objective setting between a manager and a staff member.
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