Anatomy of the male

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  1. what are the layers of the scrotum?
    • Skin
    • Dartos fascia: continuation of membranous fascia
  2. What is the blood supply to the scrotum?
    • Anterior scrotal artery: from external pedundal from external iliac
    • Posterior scrotal artery: from perineal artery from internal pedundal from internal iliac 
  3. what are the coverings of the spermatic cord?
    • External spermatic fascia: from external oblique fascia 
    • Cremasteric muscle: from internal oblique muscle
    • Internal spermatic fascia: Transverse fascia
  4. what nerve suppilies the cremasteric muscle?
    the genital branch of the genital femoral nerve
  5. What are the contents of the spermatic cord?
    • Testicular artery: Arises from abdominal aorta 
    • Testicular vein: Arise from testicle+epididymus
  6. What is the pampiniform plexus?
    the veins from the epididymus and testicle
  7. what are the coverings of the testicle?
    • Tunica vaginalis: Remanent of peritoneum 
    • Tunica Albugenea: what divides testicle into lobules 
  8. What is the function of the lydeg cells?
    production of testosterone
  9. What collects all the semineferous tubules?
    Rete testis
  10. What is the function of the epididymus?
    • Nourishment
    • Storage of spermatozoa
    • Maturation of spermatozoa
  11. Where is a vasectomy performed?
    on the vas deferens 
  12. What is the function of the seminal vesicle?
    secretion of alkaline fluid for nourishment
  13. where does the vas deferens open into?
    the seminal vesicle 
  14. What is the ejaculatory duct?
    vas deferens+ seminal vesicle 
  15. Where does the main arterial supply to the prostate branch from?
    Inferior vesicular artery
  16. What is the innervation of the male reproductive system?
    • Parasympathetic: S2-S4
    • Sympathetic: T12-L2
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