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  1. If a patient with a DVT develops dyspnea, tachypnea and chest discomfort what should the nurse do first?
    Elevate the head of the bed 30-45 degrees to alleviate the symptoms
  2. what are risk factors for pneumonia?  6


    upper resp. infection



    chronic illnesses
  3. what lab value is the most important to monitor with aminoglycoside abx?
    creatine -- can cause tubular necrosis
  4. why is bed rest important in the acute phase of pneumonia?
    decreases the body's need for oxygen, which can be impaired by the infection
  5. early  s/s of hypoxia


  6. s/s of TB (6)
    persistent cough

    purulent sputum, possibly blood streaked

    fatigue and lethargy

    weight loss and anorexia

    night sweats

    low grade fever
  7. what is the purpose of a Mantoux test?
    Test for TB (intradermal test)
  8. what are the best methods to prevent infection transmission with a TB patient? 4
    Wear respirator when caring for pt

    negative airflow room

    wear a mask when being transported

    pt needs to cough and spit sputum into a tissue and dispose of them into provided sacks
  9. pt teaching for TB (6)
    exposed family members need tested

    must complete full medication duration for 6-12 motnths

    sputum samples needed every 2-4 weeks to test therapy effectiveness

    cover moth and nose when coughing or sneezing

    dispose of contaminated tissues in plastic bags

    wear mask in public places
  10. what two diseases are part of COPD?
    emphysema and chronic bronchitis
  11. def of emphysema (2 parts)
    loss of lung elasticity and hyperinflation of lung tissue

    causes destruction of alveoli --> dec. lung surface area for gas exchange
  12. what are the two most common air gas problems with COPD?
    respiratory acidosis (r/t Co2 retention) and compensatory metabolic alkalosis
  13. s/s of COPD (8)

    productive cough

    barrell chest

    hyperresonance on percussion (trapped air)

    use of accessory muscles

    clubbing of fingers and toes

    pallor and cyanosis

    dec. O2 levels
  14. what is the purpose of corticosteroids when used for patients with asthma?
    they have an anti-inflammatory effect -- decrease edema in bronchial airways
  15. def of pneumothorax
    presence of air or gas in pleural space that causes lung to collapse
  16. which side does tracheal deviation occur in a tension pneumothorax?
    towards the unaffected side

    (in a tension pneumothorax the air pressure builds up on the side of the valve or opening --> pushes away from affected side)
  17. what is the best position for patient to sit in with a pneumothorax?
    high fowlers -- maximizes ventilation
  18. s/s of pneumothorax (4)
    sudden sharp chest pain



    diminished or absent breath sounds over affected area
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