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  1. adage
    a proverb, wise saying
  2. bonanza
    a rich of value
  3. churlish
    lacking politeness
  4. citadel
    a fortress that overlooks and protects a city
  5. collaberate
    to work toghether
  6. decree
    an order having the force of law
  7. discordant
    disagreeable in sound
  8. evolve
    to develop gradually
  9. excerpt
    a passage taken from a book, article etc.
  10. grope
    to feel about hesitantly with the hands
  11. hover
    to hang over or float
  12. jostle
    to make or force one's way by pushing or elbowing
  13. laggard
    a person who moves slowly or falls behind
  14. plaudits
    applause, praise, or approval
  15. preclude
    to make impossible
  16. revert
    to return
  17. rubble
    broken stone or bricks
  18. servile
    of or relating to a slave
  19. vigil
    a watch, especially at night
  20. wrangle
    to argue in a noisy, angry way
  21. antics
    ridiculous behavior
  22. avowed
    declared openly and without same
  23. banter
    to exchange playful remarks
  24. bountiful
    giving freely, generous
  25. congested
    overcrowded, filled or occupied to excess
  26. detriment
    harm or loss
  27. durable
    sturdy not easily worn out or destroyed
  28. enterprising
    interjecting, willing and able
  29. frugal
    economical, avoiding waste and luxury
  30. gingerly
    with extreme care and caution
  31. glut
    to provide more than is needed
  32. incognito
    in a disguised state
  33. invalidate
    to make valueless
  34. legendary
    described in well-know stories
  35. maim
    to cripple, disable, and injure
  36. minimize
    to make as small as possible
  37. oblique
    slanting or sloping
  38. veer
    to change direction
  39. venerate
    to regard with reverence
  40. wnaton
    reckless, heartless
  41. allot
    to assign or distribute
  42. amass
    to bring together
  43. audacious
    bold, adventurous
  44. comply
    to yield to a request
  45. devoid
    not having or using
  46. elite
    the choice part of a group of people or things
  47. grapple
    an iron hook to grab at
  48. incapacitate
    to deprive of strength or ability
  49. instigate
    to stir up
  50. longevity
    long life, long duration
  51. myriad
    in very great numbers
  52. perspective
    a point of view
  53. perturb
    to trouble, make uneasy
  54. prodigious
    extraordinary in bulk, size, or degree
  55. relevant
    connected with or related to with the matter at hand
  56. skittish
    extremely nervous and extremely frightened
  57. tether
    a rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object
  58. unison
    a sounding together
  59. vie
    to complete
  60. willful
    stubbornly self-willed
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