COA Development.

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  1. The following inputs pertain to which step of MDMP?

    - Approved mission/problem statement.
    - Initial commander's intent and planning guidance.
    - Specified and implied tasks.
    - Assumptions.
    - Updated running estimates and IPB products.
    Step 3: COA Development.
  2. The following outputs pertain to which step of MDMP?

     - COA statements and sketches.
     - Commander's refined planning guidance to include wargame guidance and evaluation criteria.
     - Updated running estimates and IPB products.
     - Updated assumptions.
     - Initial HPTL, TSS, AGM.
    Step 3: COA Development.
  3. Which is the key output of Step 3: COA Development?
    COA statements and sketches.
  4. Each prospective COA is examined for validity using the which criteria?
    • Screening criteria of:
    •  - Feasible.
    •  - Acceptable.
    •  - Suitable.
    •  - Distinguishable.
    •  - Complete.
  5. What is the total means of destructive, constructive, and information capabilities that a military unit/formation can apply at a given time?
    Combat Power.
  6. What is the goal of substep 1: Assess Relative Combat Power of Step 3: COA Development?
    Generate overwhelming combat power to accomplish the mission at minimal cost.
  7. Generating options begins with the ________ operation, then considering the _______ operation with the staff, and determines the __________ operation.
    Decisive, Shaping, Sustaining.
  8. What options are we generating during substep 2: Generating Options within Step 3: COA Development?
    Friendly options to defeat the enemy COA.
  9. What includes assessing relative combat power needed to accomplish the tasks and purposes associated with each operation?
    Arraying forces.
  10. Develop a broad concept describes how the arrayed forces will accomplish the mission within what?
    Commander's intent.
  11. What substep within Step 3: COA Development do we summarize the contribution of all WFFs?
    Substep 4: Develop a Broad Concept.
  12. What do planners utilize to build their broad concept?
    LOO and LOE.
  13. Scheme of maneuvers incorporate what two areas?
    Tasks and Purposes.
  14. What is created by assigning headquarters to a grouping of forces?
    Task Organization.
  15. What clearly portrays how the unit will accomplish the mission and is a brief expression/narrative of how the combined arms concept will be conducted?
    COA Statement.
  16. What provides a picture/graphic of the movement and maneuver aspects of the concept, including the positioning of forces?
    COA Sketch.
  17. During what kind of brief do you discuss:

     - Updated IPB
     - Possible enemy COAs
     - Approved problem and mission statement
     - Commander's and higher commander's intents.
     - COA statements and sketches, including LOE.
     - The rationale for each COA.
    COA Briefing.
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