COA Analysis.

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COA Analysis.
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COA Analysis

COA Analysis within MDMP.
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  1. Who directs the staff to gather tools, materials, and data for the war game?
  2. In which substep of Step 4: COA Analysis do we gather:

     - Running estimates
     - Event templates
     - A recording method
     - Completed COAs, including graphics
     - A means to post or display enemy and friendly unit symbols and other organizations
     - A map of the AO
    Substep 1: Gather the Tools.
  3. In which substep of Step 4: COA Analysis does the commander and staff review previous assumptions for continued validity and necessity?
    Substep 3: List Assumptions.
  4. What are the two forms of war-gaming?
    Manual and Model Methods.
  5. What is an event that directly influences mission accomplishment?
    Critical Event.
  6. What are the three war-gaming methods?
    •  - Belt Method.
    •  - Avenue-in-depth Method.
    •  - Box Method.
  7. Which method focuses on one avenue of approach at a time?
    Avenue-in-depth Method.
  8. Which method can divide the COA by events, objectives, or events and objectives in a selected slice across all LOE?
    Belt Method.
  9. Which method may focus analysis on a specific objective along a line of effort?
    Box Method.
  10. What are the two techniques used to record and display results?
    • - Synchronization Matrix Technique.
    •  - Sketch Note Technique.
  11. Which record and display technique uses brief notes concerning critical locations or task and purposes, and is also used in conjunction with a graphic/overlay?
    Sketch Note Technique.
  12. Which record and display technique is a tool the staff uses to record the results of war-gaming and helps them synchronize a COA across time, space, and purpose in relationship to potential enemy and civil actions?
    Synchronization Matrix Technique.
  13. An effective war-game results in the commander and staff refining, identifying, analyzing, developing, and determining _______.
  14. The staff utilizes the ______, ________, and _____________ role play method to war-game a COA.
    Action, Reaction, and Counteraction.