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  1. Annul
    To reduce to nothing
  2. Blase
  3. Bolster
    To support
  4. Deplore
    To feel or express regret
  5. Frivolous
    Of little importance
  6. Muster
    To bring together for service or battle
  7. Nonentity
    A person or thing of no importance
  8. Obsess
    To trouble
  9. Ornate
    Elaborately decorated
  10. Oust
    To remove
  11. Peruse
    To read throughly
  12. Porous
    Full of tiny holes
  13. Premontory
    A high point of land extending into water
  14. Prone
    Lying face down
  15. Qualm
    A pang of conscience
  16. Recourse
    A person of thing turned to for help
  17. Residue
    A remainder
  18. Solicitous
    Showing concern or care
  19. Staid
    Serious and dignified
  20. Sustain
    To support
  21. Aghast
    Filled with amazement
  22. Ample
    More than enough
  23. Apparition
    A ghost or ghostly figure
  24. Assert
    to declare or state as truth
  25. Cower
    To crouch or shrink away from in fear
  26. Disdain
    To look upon with scorn
  27. Epitaph
    A brief statement written on a tomb
  28. Ethical
    Having to do with morals
  29. Facetious
  30. Inaudible
    Not able to be heard
  31. Indiscriminate
    Without restraint or control
  32. Intrigue
    Crafty dealing, underhanded plotting
  33. Jurisdiction
    An area of authority or control
  34. Plausible
    Appearing true, reasonable, or fair
  35. Plebeian
    Common, vulgar
  36. Prodigal
    Wastefully extravagant
  37. Proximity
    Nearness, closeness
  38. Pulrverize
    To grind or pound a powder or dust
  39. Sequel
    That which follows, a result
  40. Volatile
    Highly changeable, fickle
  41. Abashed
  42. Aloof
    Withdrawn, standing apart from others
  43. Anguish
    Great mental suffering, distress, or pain
  44. Articulate
    to pronounce distinctly
  45. Bask
    to be in, or expose oneself to
  46. Defect
    An imperfection, flaw or blemish
  47. Finesse
    Delicate skill
  48. Flaunt
    To wave or flutter showily
  49. Forthright
    frank, direct, straightforward
  50. Genial
  51. Instill
    To add gradually
  52. Ostracize
    To exclude from a group, banish
  53. Premonition
    Forewarning, foreboding of a future event
  54. Pseudonym
    A pen name
  55. Purge
    To wash away impurities 
  56. Rehabilitate
    To make over in good form
  57. Repercussion
    An effect or consequence of some action or event
  58. Resolute
    Bold, determined
  59. Retentive
    Able to hold, keep or recall
  60. Scapegoat
    A person or thing carrying blame for others
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