Psych 3

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  1. What are raw data activated by sensory organs?
  2. Noticing that the room is getting darker is an example of                    .
    a just-noticeable difference
  3. Color blind people have difficulty                       .
    distinguishing red from green
  4. The tendency to perceive something a certain way because of previous experiences or expectations is called                    .
    perceptual expectancy
  5. The lowest stimulus required for detection is the                       and the smallest noticeable difference between 2 difference is the                 .
    absolute threshold; just noticeable difference
  6. A hearing test is to check                    .
    absolute threshold
  7. The process of unchanging info from the senses being "ignored" is called                    .
    sensory adaptation
  8. Our eyes don't completely adapt to constant visual stimulus because                    .
    eye movements calle microsaccades cause the stimulus image to vibrate slightly on the retina
  9. The shortest wave lengths we can see are experienced as which color?
  10. Which part of the eye is a muscle that regulates the size of the pupil?
  11. The amount of light entering the eye is controlled by                       .
    the pupil
  12. Each retina has about                 million rods
  13. It is difficult to distinguish between colors at night because                      .
    we are seeing primarily with the rods
  14. Sound waves are simply               .
    the vibration of the molecules of the air surrounding us.
  15. What are the hammer, anvil, and stirrup?
    tiny bones located in the middle ear.
  16. A person can have between                    taste buds in his or her mouth.
  17. Our sense of taste works when food molecules are                  .
    dissolved in saliva in our mouths
  18. What is the approximate life expectancy of individual taste receptor cells?
    10-14 days
  19. The cilia in the nose act like taste buds because                  .
    they contain receptor sites that are stimulated by different molecules
  20. What is the definition of the kinesthetic sense?
    It has to do with the location of body parts in relation to the ground and each other.
  21. What is the best description of the vestibular senses?
    They have to do with movemnet and body position
  22. The gate-control theroy of pain suggests that                   .
    the pain signals must pass through a kind of "gate" located in the spinal cord
  23. Pain can influence the release of which neurotransmitter?
  24. Closing your eyes and touching your nose illustrates                   .
    kinesthetic sense
  25. Perception is the                       .
    process by which people take all the sensation they experience at any given time.
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