Sample Collection and Handling

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  1. What can happen if we collect normal flora and contaminants for a culture instead of the actual organism?
    can get false results
  2. Why do we need to surgically prep the skin before collecting a sample from inside the body?
    to avoid contaminations of bacteria on the skin
  3. What should we do to an organ or tissue before collecting the sample during a necropsy?
    sear the surface of the tissue with a flamed spatula before it is cut open for sample collection
  4. Why are pieces of tissue more useful than swab samples of tissue?
    pieces of tissue allow for multiple media to be inoculated
  5. When should we collect the sample?
    • as soon as possible after the onset of clinical signs
    • no later than convalescing stage in any disease
  6. Should we collect samples before treatment?
    yes and if the animal has been medicated, collect specimens after the medication has been stopped for an appropriate time
  7. In addition to submitting the sample, what else do we need to end with the sample?
    • signalment
    • history
    • ID
    • number of animals affected
    • duration
    • clinical signs
    • treatments
  8. When collecting a sample, does the swab need to be sterile?
  9. Can we submit the sample in the syringe to the lab?
    no because the plunger may be pushed, losing the sample and contaminating the surroundings
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