Chapter 7

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  1. know the figure of the multipolar neuron
    many extensions from cell body
  2. what makes up the central nervous system
    brain and spinal cord
  3. what makes up the peripheral nervous system
    nerves outside brain and spinal cord
  4. Types of neuroglia in the CNS
    astrocyte, microglial cell, ependymal cells, oligodendrocyte (form myelin sheaths)
  5. what can speed a nerve impulse
    myelin sheaths
  6. five elements in a reflex arc
    receptor, sensory neuron, integration center, motor neuron, effector
  7. location of hypothalamus
    under the thalamus
  8. regions CSF flows through
    in arachnoid space, ventricles, and central canal of the spinal cord
  9. what can/cant pass the blood-brain layer
    excludes many harmful substances. useless as a barrier against fats and fat soluble molecules, respiratory gases, alcohol, nicotine, and anesthesia
  10. functions of the nervous system
    sensory input, integration, motor output
  11. direction of afferent sensory neuron impulse
    towards CNS
  12. layers on meninges
    dura mater (tough membrance surrounding brain), arachnoid mater, pia mater
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