PSY 421 - Exam 1

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  1. Behavioral Deficits
    too little behavior of a particular type
  2. Behavioral Excesses
    too much behavior of a particular type
  3. Operant Behavior
    behaviors that operate on the environment to generate consequences and are in turn influenced by those consequences
  4. Spontaneous Recovery
    The reappearance of an extinguished behavior following a rest
  5. Direct Reinforcer
    strengthening of a response that is followed immediately by a reinforcer
  6. Indirect Reinforcer
    strengthening of a response that is followed by a reinforcer is delayed
  7. Natural Reinforcer
    unprogrammed reinforcer that occurs in the normal course of everyday living
  8. Simple Reinforcer
    a conditioned reinforcer paired with a single backup reinforcer (i.e. coupon)
  9. Generalized Reinforcer
    a conditioned reinforcer that is paired with more than one kind of backup reinforcer (i.e. money)
  10. Positive Reinforcer
    a stimulus which, when presented immediately following a behavior, causes the behavior to increase in frequency
  11. Negative Reinforcer
    a stimulus whose removal immediately after a response causes the response to be strengthened or to increase in frequency
  12. Stimulus
    people, animals, objects, and events currently present in one's immediate surroundings that impinge on one's sense receptors and that can affect behavior
  13. Contingent
    said of a reinforcer with respect to a behavior if the behavior must occur before the reinforcer will occur
  14. Noncontingent
    said of a reinforcer if it is presented at a particular time regardless of the preceding behavior
  15. Skinner
  16. Bandura
  17. Watson
  18. Science and Human Behavior
    Skinner's book
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