Psych chp 6

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  1. Which model of memory is most similar in conceptualization to the way computers function?
    Information-processing model
  2. Memory system that provides us with a very brief representation of all the stimuli present at a particular moment?
    Sensory memory
  3. Iconic memory is to echoic memory as...
    Visual is to auditory
  4. Memory is defined as active system that consists of 3 processes. They are...
    Receiving info from the senses, organizing & storing the info, & retrieving the info from storage 
  5. In the levels-of-processing model of memory, information that gets processed at a _____ level is more likely to be retained longer & form a stronger memory than information that is processed at a ______ level.
    Deeper ; shallower 
  6. Which memory system is the one that is a working active system that processes the info w/in it?
    Short term memory 
  7. Micah is trying to remember the specific route he took to the library the night b4. What part of working memory is he accessing?
    The visual sketchpad
  8. Loni asked to remember letters IKTEALN. She memorized them into words INK & LATE. This tactic is.....
  9. Suppose tamika looks up a # in a phone book.but she has already forgotten the #! This example illustrates the limited duration of _____ memory 
  10. _____rehearsal results in a more lasting memory & promotes the transfer of info to long term memory compared to______ rehearsal 
    Elaborative ; maintenance 
  11. Which memory system has unlimited capacity & can help keep info for hours or decades? 
    Long term memory
  12. The best analogy for the way long term memory is conceptualized would be...
    A filing cabinet
  13. Long term memory is thought to be organized in the form of...
    Semantic networks or nodes of related info spreading out from a central piece of knowledge
  14. A police officer is shot. Brain surgery saved him but it leaves him unable to store new info. When asked to provided a diagnosis of the difficulties he suffers, what will the family write?
    Anterograde amnesia 
  15. The internet with it series of links from one site to many others is a good analogy for the organization of...
    Long term memory 
  16. If memory were like the sea, we could say tht___ is long term memory, ____are the specific memories, & _____ are retrieval cues.
    The sea; fish; hooks
  17. Whatries true statement of retrieval cues?
    They are important in helping us remember items stored in long term memory
  18. when you are intentionally trying to remember an item of info, _____ is an easier task than _____.
    Recognition ; recall
  19. Moishe can only remember the first 2 and last 2 items of his wife grocery list that she read to him over the phone. This an example of...
    The serial position effect
  20. One major problem with eyewitness testimony is that...
    False positive can cause eyewitness testimony to be quite inaccurate 
  21. Memories that concern events that are highly significant & are vividly remembered are called...
    Flashbulb memories
  22. As memories get older thru are most likely....
    To become changed or altered In some way or fashion
  23. Researchers using MRI scanning have found that...
    False memories of visual images & visual images of real events are processed in much the same way
  24. You start out using Firefox, then change to Explorer. If you have trouble with explorer it is mostly due to...
    Proactive interference 
  25. A man known as H.M. Lost the ability to form new memories after an operation removed portions is his...
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