World War I Vocab.

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  1. Militarism
    Glorification of the military , being prepared for war
  2. Triple Alliance
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  3. Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Leader of Germany who wanted to assert power
  4. Triple Entente
    Great Britain, France, Russia
  5. Central Powers
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire

    Also named for its location in Europe
  6. Western Front
    Deadlocked region in northern France
  7. Schlieffen Plan
    attack and defeat France in the West, then push east to Russia
  8. Trench warfare
    Fighting in ditches, used in the west
  9. Eastern Front
    Stretch along the German-Russian border
  10. Unrestricted submarine warfare
    Germans would torpedo any ships in waters around Britain
  11. Total war
    Putting all your resources towards the war
  12. Rationing
    People could onlt buy small amounts of goods
  13. Propaganda
    One sided information used to persuade
  14. Armistice
    An agreement to stop fighting
  15. Woodrow Wilson
    President of the US during WWI
  16. Georges Clemenceau
    Leader of France during Paris Peace Conference
  17. self-determination
    Let people decide what government they would like to live under
  18. League of Nations
    International association to keep peace
  19. Treaty of Versailles
    Agreement that punished Germany after WWI
  20. Fourteen Points
    Wilson's ideas that he brought to the Paris Peace Conference
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