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  1. Goodmans Stile
    Alie Street/Commercial Road
  2. Arbour House
    Arbour Square
  3. Whittington Apartments
    Arbour Street
  4. Marlow Studio Workshops
    Arnold Circus
  5. Breakfast Club E1
    Artillery Lane
  6. Justice Apartments
    Aylward Street
  7. Candle Street
    Ben Johnson Road
  8. White Tower Way
    Ben Johnson Road/Candle Street
  9. Buckfast Street E1
    Bethnal Green Road
  10. Scott Street E1
    Brady Street
  11. Leman Street
    Braham Street/Dock Street
  12. Brick Lane Hotel
    Brick Lane
  13. The Brickhouse
    Brick Lane
  14. Brick Lane Market
    Brick Lane
  15. The Gun PH E1
    Brushfield Street
  16. Crispin Street
    Brushfield Street
  17. Plough Street E1
    Buckle Street/Leman Street
  18. Shadwell Sure Start Childrens Centre
    Cable Street
  19. Sapphire Court
    Cable Street
  20. Shadwell Station
    Cable Street
  21. Firewatch Court
    Candle Street
  22. Latifiah Girls School
    Cannon Street Road
  23. Raven Row
    Cavell Street/Sidney Street
  24. Anchor Terrace E1
    Cephas Avenue
  25. English Martyrs Club
    Chamber Street
  26. Bill Faust and Adam Meere Memorial
    Commercial Road
  27. Nelson House E1
    Commercial Road
  28. Ibis London City
    Commercial Street
  29. East London NHS Foundation Trust
    Commercial Street
  30. City Sprint E1
    Dock Street
  31. The Nursery at Saint Pauls
    Dock Street
  32. Hemming Street E1
    Dunbridge St
  33. Saint Katherines Dock
    East Smithfield/Saint Katherines Way
  34. Liberty House E1
    Ensign Street
  35. Tune Hotel E1
    Folgate Street
  36. Underground Picture House
    Folgate Street/Water Poet Restaurant
  37. Peartree Lane
    Glamis Road
  38. Docklands Dive Centre
    Glamis Road/Shadwell Sailing Centre
  39. Spital Street
    Hanbury Street/Buxton Street
  40. Scotia Building
    Jardine Road
  41. Flank Street E1
    John Fisher Street
  42. Spitalfields Childrens Centre
    Lamb Street
  43. Buckle Street E1
    Leman Street
  44. Camperdown Street E1
    Leman Street
  45. City of London Dairies
    Middlesex Street
  46. University of East Anglia
    Middlesex Street
  47. Shooting Star PH
    Middlesex Street
  48. Puzzle Bar E1
    Middlesex Street
  49. White Horse Lane
    Mild End Road/Stepney Green
  50. Scape East
    Mile End Road
  51. Blue Moon Media Academy
    Mile End Road
  52. Trinity Green
    Mile End Road
  53. White Hart PH E1
    Mile End Road
  54. Riverside Mansions
    Milk Yard
  55. Queen Mary Innovation Centre
    New Road
  56. Fordham Street E1
    New Road/Settles Street
  57. Diagnostic Memory Clinic
    Old Montague Street
  58. Weaver House
    Pedley Street
  59. Museum of Immigration and Diversity
    Princelet Street
  60. Cleos Barbershop
    Puma Court
  61. Guinea Court
    Royal Mint Street
  62. Presidents Wharf
    Saint Katharine’s Way
  63. Alderman Stairs
    Saint Katherines Way
  64. Widegate Street
    Sandys Row/Middlesex Street
  65. The Scarborough Arms PH
    Scarborough Street
  66. Time for Tea Café
    Shoreditch High Street
  67. Avalon Bar
    Shoreditch High Street
  68. Sidney Square
    Sidney Street
  69. Siege House
    Sidney Street
  70. Diesel Gym
    Simon House/Butchers Row
  71. Galvin La Chapelle Restaurant
    Spital Square
  72. Shuttle House
    Spital Street
  73. Royal London Hospital
    Stepney Way
  74. Royal London Hospital ( New )
    Stepney Way
  75. Bethnal Green Overground Station
    Tapp Street/Three Colts Lane
  76. Watney Market Rear Entrance
    Tarling Street
  77. Wapping Lane
    The Highway
  78. Virginia Street
    The Highway/Pennington Street
  79. Saint Anthonys Close
    Thomas More Street
  80. Sea Lark Ship
    Tobacco Dock
  81. KPMs
    Vallance Road
  82. Osmani Youth Centre
    Vallance Road
  83. Streetwise
    Vallance Road
  84. Olivers Wharf
    Wapping High Street
  85. Aberdeen Wharf E1
    Wapping High Street
  86. King Henrys Dock
    Wapping High Street
  87. Phoenix Wharf E1
    Wapping High Street
  88. Pierhead Wharf
    Wapping High Street
  89. Discovery Walk
    Wapping Lane
  90. Saint Peters Church E1
    Wapping Lane
  91. Sovereign Close E1
    Wapping Lane
  92. Pelican Wharf
    Wapping Wall
  93. Glamis Road
    Wapping Wall/Cable Street
  94. Pelican Stairs E1
    Wapping wall/Prospect of Whitby PH
  95. The Invisible Picturehouse
    Wapping Wall/Wapping Project
  96. Shadwell DLR Station
    Watney Street
  97. Rum Close
    West Gardens
  98. Charles Dickens College
    Wheler Street
  99. Beaumont Square
    White Horse Lane/Maria Terrace/Eastbury Terrace
  100. Gravel Lane
    White Kennet Street/Middlesex Street
  101. Whitechapel Gallery
    Whitechapel High Street
  102. Braham Street
    Whitechapel High Street/Mansell Street
  103. Davenant Street
    Whitechapel Road
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