Inspector III

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  1. What NFPA standard provides professional qualifications for Fire Inspector III
    NFPA 1031
  2. Waht are the two specific tasks identified by NFPA 1031
    Administration and field inspections
  3. What duty involves the recommendation, creation, and evaluation of policies and procedures for fire safety inspections and code enforcement?
  4. What duty involves analysis of code compliance alternatives?
    Field Inspection
  5. What AF directive establishes responsibilities for fire emergency services to meet air force needs and implements DoD 6055.06
    AFPD 32-20
  6. Who must review all plans for military construction
    A certified fire inspector
  7. Should fire inspectors conduct technical design reviews?
  8. What is survey frequency based on?
    Building area, occupancy hazard, known fire loading, and mission criticality
  9. Is fire prevention required to conduct fire inspections on base housing?
    All common areas and home day cares
  10. How is the number of fire inspectors authorized determined?
    Total square footage of occupancies
  11. When is a AC of prevention authorized?
    When four or more inspectors are authorized
  12. Can the number of fire prevention personnel be increased above the amount authorized by 6055.06?
    Yes, by the AHJ
  13. What is the purpose of UFC 3-600-01?
    It establishes minimum fire protection requirements for DoD facilities
  14. What is the purpose of UFC 1-200-01?
    Applies to design and construction of all new and renovated facilities
  15. When should facility folders be created?
    Facility folders should be developed for each inspected property
  16. How long should facility folders be maintained?
    For the life of the facility
  17. What is the most important element when discussing completion an accuracy of documentation?
    Information must be  correct, clear, and concise
  18. When conflict exists in the fire protection criteria, what is the order precedence?
    • 1. DoD component Tech guidance
    • 2. UFC 3-600-01
    • 3. DoD Documents, referenced code, standard, or publication
  19. What are NFPA committees made up of?
  20. Why was the FOIA established?
    Promote public trust by making the maximum amount of info available
  21. Under what circumstances can a FOIA request be denied?
    Release of information could cause identifiable harm
  22. What is the key issue when allowing a variance?
    Will substitution provide an equal or greater level of protection than what is required by the code
  23. How many personnel usually make up a board of appeals?
    3 to 7
  24. An appeal shall be submitted to the AHJ in writing within ______ calendar days of the notification of a violation.
  25. Variances to AFOSH standards may be required if
    Operational needs, mission impact, or technical reasons
  26. What are the characteristics of a prescriptive code? 
    The spell out the details
  27. What are the characteristics of a performance based code?
    Contain a fair amount of prescriptive info however they are based on performance objectives and goals
  28. What is the main objective of any successful fire prevention code?
    Provide a reasonable degree of safety to life and property from fire
  29. This type of deviation will last 90 days or less and is resolved at the fire chief levele
    Short Term
  30. This type of deviation will last more than 90 days but less than 1 year and are reviewed by the installation commander and the MAJCOM/CV
    Temporary...ORM must be developed by the fire chief
  31. This type of deviation last longer than a year and the authority to grant them has been delegated to the Air Force Civil Engineer by the SECAF
    Long Term
  32. A sudden calamity that causes both citizen and policy makers to pay more attention to public concern to press for solutions is a___________
    Focusing Event
  33. What is a plan that serves to identify what the department intends to accomplish during the coming year
  34. What type of budget item is for items that will usually last at least one year and usually 3 or more?
    Capital expense
  35. Personnel usually account for _____ % of a budget
  36. When should the planning phase for the budget begin
    3 to 5 months before the end of the Fiscal year
  37. ______ _______ is the maximum number of people realistically expected to occupy an area, as agreed by the stakeholders
    Occupant Load
  38. Name the main characteristic of an assembly occupancy
    50 or more personnel
  39. Name the main characteristic of an educational occupancy
    Through the 12th grade
  40. Name the main characteristic of a Storage occupancy
    Storage of vehicles
  41. For multi storied facilities occupant loads for each story are considered ___________
  42. What is convergence?
    The story above and the story below the point of egress...add both to calculate the total required egress capacity
  43. What is the first step in determining egress capacity?
    Determine occupant load
  44. For egress issues, what standard should always be followed?
    NFPA 101
  45. What are the required number of egress points?
    • Balcony, Mezz, Story, or portion thereof = 2
    • Occupant load of 500 to 1000 = 3
    • Occupant load of 1000 or more = 4
  46. What are the main concepts of egress design
    • Access
    • Protected escape routes
    • Protection in place
    • Proper marking of means of egress and indication of direction
  47. What is the requirement for exit access corridors?
    Occupant load of more than 30 requires a 1 hour fire resistance rating
  48. Exit enclosure walls and ceilings should be of what material?
    Class A or B
  49. Characteristics of Type I and II construction
    Non combustible materials except where allowed by table 603 in IBC
  50. Characteristics of Type III construction
    Exterior walls are of non combustible materials
  51. Characteristics of Type IV construction
    (HT) Exterior walls are of non combustible materials and interior walls are solid or laminate wood without concealed spaces
  52. Characteristics of Type V construction
    Exterior and interior walls are of any material permitted by IBC
  53. Does a sustainment or restoration project in a facility need to meet new construction requirements?
  54. When would a new addition to a facility require the entire facility be brought up to new construction standards?
    If the new addition exceeds 50% of the original square footage of the existing structure
  55. When would a renovation to a facility require the entire facility be brought up to new construction standards?
    If the cost of the renovation exceeds 50% of the replacement cost of the facility
  56. What is a system, condition, arrangement, material, or equipment submitted for approval to the authority having jurisdiction and the fire chief as a substitute for a code requirement?
  57. What NFPA publication contains the only acceptable alternate methods recognized by a code?
    NFPA 101A
  58. A code that states it fire safety goal and references acceptable methods that can be used to demonstrate compliance with it requirements is a __________ based code
  59. In liquid processing operations the ___________  of many factors involved shall be based on good engineering and management practices
  60. What is a power ventilated enclosure for a spray application operation or process that confines and limits the escape of the material being sprayed?
    Spray Booth
  61. What are locations that flammable gases, flammable liquid produced vapors, or combustible liquids produced vapors are or may be present?
    Class I
  62. Locations that are hazardous because of the presence of combustible dust are
    Class II
  63. Locations that are hazardous because of the presence of easily ignitable fibers are
    Class III
  64. How can Class I and II liquids be transferred between original shipping container and the process tank
    • 1. Containers with a capacity of 5 gallons or less
    • 2. Approved safety cans
    • 3. Through a closed piping system
    • 4. Approved pump device
    • 5. gravitiy through a listed self closing valve o faucet
  65. When a tank is filled from the top how far from the bottom of the tank should the fill pipe be?
    Within 6 inches
  66. What is required for Class I liquid tanks, piping systems, and storage tanks?
    Bonded and grounded
  67. Is technical assistance allowed when reviewing plans for complex processes or operations
  68. Define Fire Load
    The maximum heat that can be produced if all the combustible materials in a given area are burned
  69. Trim and incidental finish must not exceed ____ of the wall and must be _____ ______
    10%; evenly distributed
  70. What is the Flame Spread and Smoke Development Rate for a Class A interior wall or ceiling
    • FS = 0-25
    • SD = 0-450
  71. What is the Flame Spread and Smoke Development Rate for a Class B interior wall or ceiling
    • FS = 26-75
    • SD = 0-450
  72. What is the Flame Spread and Smoke Development Rate for a Class C interior wall or ceiling
    • FS = 76-200
    • SD = 0-450
  73. What must be completed before you place pesticides in a building
    Designate an emergency coordinator and develop an emergency response plan
  74. How often are emergency response plans reviewed?
    Whenever facilities are modified or every two years
  75. What must be accomplished to close or abandon a pesticide storage facility?
    Notify the AHJ within 30 days prior to the closing
  76. Emergency response plans should include _____
    An MSDS for all gases stored or used on site
  77. What dictates emergency evacuation plans and the complexity of emergency response plans?
    • 1. Type of occupancy
    • 2. Level of preparedness of occupants
  78. What are the three key elements of an evacuation plan:
    • 1. Evacuation Routes
    • 2. Monitor Duties
    • 3. Employee Duties
  79. During an emergency evacuation who is responsible for conducting a head count?
    The monitor
  80. Locate facilities or operations involving the storage, mixing, or handling of non-flammable pesticides a minimum of ________ from the nearest building or occupied structure.
  81. Incompatible materials shall not be stored within _______ of pesticide storage areas unless separated by a liquid tight wall with a fire resistance rating of ________.
    25ft; 1 hour
  82. How should empty un-rinsed pesticide containers be treated?
    As full
  83. Can would be used for shelving for flammable liquids?
    Yes, but it must be at least 1inch in nominal thickness
  84. What is the minimum separation distance between combustible commodities in flammable liquid storage areas?
    Minimum of 8ft horizontally either by aisles or by open rack
  85. What is the maximum amount of Class I, II, and IIA liquids that can be stored in an individual storage cabinet?
    120 Gallons
  86. Outside flammable liquid storage areas should be surrounded by a curb at least ____ high
    6 inches
  87. When curbs are used in flammable storage areas drains shall 
    Terminate at a safe location and shall flow freely under fire conditions
  88. For flammable liquid storage, automatic fire protection shall be
    Wet pipe, deluge, or pre-action
  89. What is a compartment or chamber to which one or more air ducts are connected and that form part of the air distribution system?
    A Plenum
  90. Air ducts should be 
    rigid and constructed of iron, steel, aluminum, copper, concrete, masonry, or clay
  91. Can air connectors be flexible?
    Yes but they must not exceed 14ft or pass through any walls
  92. What should be provided in air ducts adjacent to each fire damper, smoke damper, and smoke detector?
    A service opening
  93. Where should service openings be located in duct systems?
    at 20ft intervals along the air duct and at the base of each vertical riser
  94. Fusible links on dampers should have a temperature rating of
    approximately 50 degrees above max temp
  95. How often should automatic shut down devices be tested?
  96. When conducting acceptance testing of a system what is the responsibility of the fire inspector?
    Witness the test and ensure all required elements are performed
  97. When should system defects be corrected during an alarm system acceptance test?
    Immediately if possible otherwise the owner must be informed in writing within 24 hours of the discovery
  98. When conducting an acceptance test which form provides information on the intended use of the building, preliminary plan of the building, and any special knowledge on the water supply?
    The Owners Certificate
  99. How long and at what pressure should all piping in a sprinkler system be hydro'd
    2 hours at 200psi
  100. In order to stop leaks in a system during testing is it acceptable to introduce additives?
  101. What are the requirements for the air leakage test
    • 40psi for 24 hours
    • Any leakage that results in a loss of pressure in excess of 1-1/2 psi for the 24 hours shall be corrected
  102. How quickly should an audible alarm sound after water is flowed through the inspectors test valve?
    within 5 Minutes
  103. how close must an FD access road come to at least one door?
  104. Fire dept access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than _____ and shall have an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than _____
    20; 13.6
  105. What is required if a deadend fd access road exceeds 150 ft in length?
    Apparatus turn around
  106. New facilities 4 stories or more in height and all new warehouses must be provided with suitable all weather ground access surface for
    Aerial apparatus on a minimum of two sides of the perimeter of the structure
  107. Facilities with sprinkler or standpipes must provide all weather ground access surface for pumper apparatus within ______________ of the FDC
  108. All enclosed exit stairs that extend to the top floor in any building three or more stories must have at the highest point of the stair tower
    an approved hatch opening to the roof with a ladder
  109. As a fire prevention chief you will be accountable for many different types of files and folders, what are two types of folders?
    • Files = Correspondence / Suspense
    • Folders - Facility / Code enforcement
  110. How often do records techs need to review files to confirm their disposition
  111. How can files be arranged?
    numerically, chronologically, geographically, organizationally, alphabetically, and by subject
  112. Who can provide approval and interpretation for code modifications
    • Superior in prevention
    • Fire Protection Engineer
    • Fire Protection Consultant
    • Appeals Board
  113. Which step in the budgeting process involves the governing body scheduling a review board to make decisions on budget approval?
    External Review
  114. Why do people violate fire codes?
    Cost, attitude, convenience
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