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  1. What does memory act as?
    Acts as a temporary storage for all program instructions and data
  2. To access an instruction or data, we use what?
    To access an instruction or data, we use a memory address.

    A memory address simply identifies a location in memory
  3. Computer store data in ____.  What does it mean?
    • Computers store data in binary. 
    • This means that every piece of data and instruction is fundamentally the same.

    • It also means that, for humans, it is very difficult for us to understand – theoretically though we could program a computer using binary – it would just take a very long time.
    • Solution: Use another base and convert as necessary
  4. if the decimal system is base-10, what is the range of digits used?
    Digits are from 0 to 9
  5. What base is the binary system? What digits are used?
    • -Binary system is base-2
    • -Digits are from 0 and 1
    • -Binary system is used in computers to store data (a digit or BIT is on or off).
    • -BIT = Binary Digit
  6. If we have 8 bits, how many possible combinations of values are there?
    if we have 8 bits, we can have 256 combinations (28 = 256, which is also the corresponding value in binary 1 0000 0000)
  7. The highest binary value is called what?
    The lowest binary value is called what?
    We should also note convention

    - The highest binary value is called the Most Significant Bit (MSB).

    - The lowest binary value is called the Least Significant Bit (LSB)

    - The meaning depends on how many bits are being used

    - Whether the MSB is on the left or the right depends on the system, so it’s not straight forward
  8. How do we convert a binary to a decimal?
    What is 1010101010 in binary?
    We can also convert a binary value using this rule, we simply add up all the values corresponding

    Example, if we had the binary value 1010101010, we can determine the decimal value

    - 512 + 128 + 32 + 8 + 2 = 682
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