Patient Care

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  1. 4 basic parts of communication
    sender,message, receiver, feedback
  2. two basic modes of communication
    verbal and nonverbal
  3. SOAP notes S=?
    subjective-verbally given to you
  4. SOAP notes O=?
    objective- symptoms you can see or hear
  5. SOAP notes A=?
  6. SOAP notes P=?
    plan- what are we doing for problem
  7. loss of sensation that makes a person insensible to pain. may be conciuos or unconcious
  8. two major classifications of anethesia
    regional and general
  9. anesthesia that reduces all pain in a particular area
    regional anethesia
  10. what type of block consists of the SQ infiltration of a small area of the body
    local block
  11. consists of injecting the agent into the region of a nerve trunk or other large nerve branch
    nerve block
  12. consists of injecting agent in the subarachnoid space of the spinal canal/ blocks all impulses below that area
  13. frequently used when continuous anethesia is desired for a prolonged period
  14. saddle block blocks all impulses to and from what part of the body
  15. type of block in which anesthesia is obtained from umbilicus to toes
  16. type of anesthesia that causes complete loss of conciousness
    general anesthesia
  17. stages in inhalation anethesia
    4 stages
  18. step in inhalation anethesia that is the stage of analgesia or induction
    stage 1
  19. step 2 in inhalation anethesia that patient may person may respond violently to very little stimulation
    stage of excitement
  20. step in inhalation anethesia that is the surgical or operative stage
    stage 3
  21. step in inhalation anethesia where cardiac failure or death may occur
    stage 4
  22. how can a cast be removed
    soaking in warm vinegar-water solution and cutting
  23. 5 stages of death
    denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
  24. hot water bottle may not exceed what temp
    125 degrees F
  25. cold packs/ice bags cause skin contact burns known as?
    local frostbite
  26. all apparel worn in OR should be made of?
    non-static producing material- 100% cotton is the most acceptable
  27. humidity for OR should be kept at?
    55-60 percent
  28. temperature in OR should be at?
    65-74 degrees
  29. forms on all O2 cylinders in OR?
    DD1191- O2 warning tag
  30. pratices used to prevent the transfer of pathogenic organisms from person to person/person to place/ place to place
    medical asepsis
  31. organism that is capable of producing infection or infectious disease
    infectious agent
  32. the (carrier) on which the infectious agent primarily depends on for survival
    resevoir for infectious agent
  33. most common resevoir of infectiuos agents
  34. avenue by which the infectious agent leaves its resevoir
    portal of exit
  35. mechanism by which infectious agent is transmitted
    mode of trasnmission
  36. the avenue by which the agent enters the host
    portal of entry
  37. affords an agent nourishment/protection to survive/multiply
    suceptible host
  38. life span of articles packaged and sterilized in cotton muslin wrappers
    28 days
  39. life span of articles sterilized in cotton muslin wrappers and sealed in plastic
    180 days
  40. complete destruction of all living organisms including bacterial spores/viruses
  41. what are the physical methods of sterilization
    moist heat and dry heat
  42. chemical methods of sterilization
    gas and liquid solutions
  43. most dependable and economical method of sterilization
    steam under pressure
  44. the only 2 types of steam under pressure sterilizers
    downward displacement and pre-vacuum high-temp
  45. when does the timing begin during the use of the downward displacement sterilizer
    at 245 degrees F
  46. most modern/economical/fastest way of sterilizing
    pre-vacuum high-temp
  47. temp increases time for sterilization does what
  48. 3minutes of sterilization needs what temp?
  49. 8min sterilization needs what temp?
  50. at 245 F amount of time to sterilize is?
  51. items sterilized as flash take how long
    3min at 270F
  52. dry heat sterilization involves what time/heat
    2hour at 320F
  53. only liquid that renders item sterile
  54. items must be submerged in glutaraldehyde for how long
  55. most effective method of gas chemical sterilization
    ETO ethylene oxide gas
  56. time needed for ETO gas sterilization
  57. floor used by surg team must be cleaned how?
    wet vacuum method
  58. least appropiate way to clean OR floors
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