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  1. What type of drug is Chlorothiazide (Diuril)
    Thiazide diuretic
  2. what are thiazide diuretics do? time to work?
    management of systemic edema and the control of mild to moderate hypertension, take about a month to work
  3. what is a loop diuretic do?
    work primarily in the acending loop of henle to inhibit tubular reabsorption of sodium
  4. what can loop diuretics cause?
    • hypokalemia
    • hypoatremia
    • hypocalcemia
  5. which is the most potent diuretic?
    loop diuretic
  6. what is a furesemide
  7. what effects do lasix have
    • hypokalemia
    • hypocloremia
    • hypoatremia
    • hypocalcemia
    • hypomadnesia
  8. what do lasix used for?
    • hebhrotic syndrome
    • heart failure
    • pulmonary edema
  9. potassium sparing diuretics?
    act to distal convoluted to inhibit sodium reabsorption and potassium secretion
  10. what are aldosterone antagonist? apironolactone
    acts to block aldosterone in the distal tubule to promote potassium uptake in exchange of sodium secretion
  11. what type is Spironolactone(aldactone)
    aldosterone antagonist
  12. what is non-aldosterone antagonist
    acts directly to reduce ion transportation in the tubule
  13. what is a osmotic diuretic?
    act on the proximal convoluted tubule to increase plasma osmotic pressure, causing redistribution of fluid toward circulatory vessels
  14. what type of diuretic is Mannitol(Osmitrol
  15. potassium rich foods?
    • baked potato
    • raw bananas
    • apricots
    • navel oranges
  16. blue, green halos and confusion are signs of
  17. nalidixic acid (NeGraM) is
    gram negative microbe to treat uti
  18. NeGraM contrindicated with
    renal impairment pts
  19. Macrodantin is
    broad spectrum microbe against strep, e. coli, mirabilis
  20. mendelamine
    broad spectrum against fungi
  21. what is a acid ash diet
    • meats
    • whole grains
    • eggs
    • cheese
    • cranberries
    • prunes
    • plums
  22. what medicine do you need an acid ash diet
  23. Norfloxacin (Noroxin)
    broad spectrum tx gonorrhea, uti
  24. with Noroxin you have to give
    a glass full of water 1 hour or 2 after meals
  25. Ideal urine output daily
  26. acid ash diet is trying to keep ph below
  27. is allergy is suspected with any of these meds nursing intervention is to
    stop them all and notifiy MD
  28. Levaquin is
    broad spectrum works in 24hrs IV or PO
  29. Rocephin is
    broad spectrum found in e kits
  30. what is functional incontinence
    have a mental or physical disability causing weak bladder muscles
  31. what is stress incontinence
    weak pelvic floor causing pee when stress
  32. overflow incontinence
    bladder is constantly full leaking small amounts of urine
  33. Neurologenic Bladder
    loss of voluntary voiding control from brain to bladder
  34. Spastic (reflex or autonomic) neurogenic bladder
    results in loss of sensation to void and loss of motor control
  35. Flaccid (atonic, nonreflex) neurogenic bladder
    bladder continues to fill and there is pooling of urine and incomplete emtying
  36. with flaccid bladder you might need a
  37. what do you put a catheter in someone
    Post void residual is more than 5ml
  38. what is a mushroom/pezzer catheter
    used to drain urine from the renal pelvis of the kidneys
  39. what is CBI
    there will be two large 3L bags hanging on a pole and both will be attached to the catheter
  40. whats a suprapubic catheter
    cath through abdominal wall above the symphysis pubis
  41. External catheter is the same as a
    condom catheter
  42. how often is the bladder emptyed if in bladder training
    4 hrs
  43. what are you tryin gto do with bladder training
    to develop a strong pelvic floor
  44. with habit training how often do they go
    2 hrs
  45. habit training you also do
    kegel exercises
  46. if the catheter bounces back is that good
  47. where is the correct place to tape a catheter
  48. Level of ph in urine
  49. in urine WBC less than
  50. In urine RBC less than
  51. nitirites negative means
    no infection
  52. specific gravity ranges
  53. specific gravity is to measure
  54. if positive for ketones person might be
    starving themselves
  55. Renal biopsy #1 intervention
    check the site for bleeding
  56. where do osmotic diretics work
  57. where do loop diuretics work
    loop of henle
  58. where do thiazide diuretics work
  59. where do potassium sparing diuretics work
    collecting duct
  60. mild dehydration
    loss 3-5% body weight
  61. moderate dehydration
    loss of 6-10% body weight
  62. severe dehydration
    loss of 9-15% body weight
  63. two locations to check hydration
    skin turgor on hands and on chest under clavical for older folks
  64. high levels of ammonia is called
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