A&P 2 review

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  1. B cell mechanisms are classified as        immunity.
    antibody- mediated
  2. As related to Starling's law, which has the greatest effect on water reentering the capillaries?
    Blood colloid osmotic pressure
  3. Toxic accumulation of acidic ketone bodies is a common complication of untreated...
    diabetes mellitus
  4. The normal length of human gestation is...
    39 weeks
  5. If the pH of the blood were 7.23, it would be...
    slightly more acidic than normal
  6. Edema may occur when...
    All the above happen
  7. Kidney tubule base bicarbonate reabsorption and hydrogen ion excretion both tend to...
    alkalinize blood by acidifying urine
  8. The thirst center is located in the...
  9. The type of immunity produced by vaccinations would be          immunity.
    active artifical
  10. The most abundant circulating antibody, the one that makes up 75% of all antibodies, is...
  11. Fertilization takes place in the...
    uterine tube
  12. A decrease in blood pH...
    accelerates the renal tubule excretion of ammonia
  13. Histogenics may be defined as the process during which...
    the primary germ layers develop into many different types of tissues
  14. What is true about glucose metabolism?
    Anaerobic metabolism produces lactic acid
  15. The major organ that balances sodium and potassium in the body is the...
  16. Macromolecules that induce the immune system to make certain responses are called...
  17. The part of the eye containing nervous tissue is the..
  18. Intense stimuli of any type that result in tissue damage will activate...
  19. The eylids and anteriot surface of the eye are lined by the...
  20. If 4 molecules of glucose are broken down by glycolysis, the cell would gain how much ATP?
    8 molecules
  21. Protein, or nitrogen, balance means protein... 
    anabolism equals protein catabolism
  22. The word "deform" describes the stimulus detected by...
  23. The tympanic membrane...
    is continuous with the external auditory meatus
  24. The sequence of auditory ossicles in the middle ear starting at the tympanic window and ending at the oval window is...
    malleus, incus, stapes
  25. What is true of energy released by the breakdown of food substances?
    It is used to synthesize ATP
  26. The function of the lacrimal apparatus is to...
    secrete tears
  27. Which statement best compares the processes of anabolism and catabolism?
    Catabolism breaks food down and in doing so, releases energy from them. Anabolism does the opposite.
  28. Which of the following carb cannot be absorbed directly into the cells?
    None of the carbs can be absorbed directly into the cells
  29. Chemoreceptors are most likely to be activated by...
    noxious odors
  30. Visceroceptors are located...
    in the internal organs
  31. Which receptors are found in most body tissues?
    Free nerve endings
  32. The preferred energy fuel of the body is...
  33. What is the correct orfer of the body's fuel preference, starting with 1st choice?
    carbs, fats, proteins
  34. The krebs cycle takes place in the...
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