PT 201: Mod 4 Session Management

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  1. What types of browsers are included with DigiBase? (pg66.)
    • Workspace
    • Volume
    • Project
    • Catalog browser.
  2. Which browser quickly shows a consolidated view of all the files currently used in the session, even if they reside in different locations or span multiple drives? (pg66)
    Project Browser.
  3. What is the difference between Quick Search mode and Advanced Search mode in DigiBase browser? (pg68.)
    • Quick search applies wild cards
    • Advanced does not unless specified.
  4. How would you go about manually indexing a folder or drive? (pg.72)
    Select the folder to update in a workspace or volume browser, choose Update Databse For Selected.
  5. Which column in the Workspace browser shows wether an audio file has been analyzed for Elastic Audio? What I con is used to denote that the file has been analyzed? (pg.73)
    Check mark appears to the left of the file in the Status column.
  6. What condition would cause the Timeline Data Online Indicator to turn red? (pg.81)
    • If files are offline
    • being processed
    • or otherwise unavalible for play back.
  7. What key commands are available for selecting options in the Missing Files dialog box? (pg.83)
    • Command+S= Skip All
    • Command+M= Manually Find
    • Command+A= Automatically Find
  8. When is the Find All Candidates method for relinking more useful? When is the Find Links method for relinking preferred? (pg.85)
    • When looking for a single file use Find All Canidates.
    • When you have many files use Find Links.
  9. What are some of the options available in the Duplicate Tracks dialog box? Name a few scenarios where Duplicate Tracks might be useful. (pg.89)
    • Creating different versions of Vocals
    • Adding another layer with different processing. Activate Playlist
    • Alternate Playlist
    • Automation, Inserts, Sends, Group Assingments.
  10. How would you go about splitting off certain tracks in a session for a collaborator to work on while you continue to work on the main session? (pg.90)
    • File>Export>Selected Tracks As New Session
    • File>Save Copy In- Selected Tracks Only.
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