PT 201: Mod 5 Selection Techniques

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  1. What modifier key would you hold to add an existing selection to another track by clicking on the track? pg 101
  2. How can you quickly select everything to the left of the cursor? How can you select everything to the right of the cursor? pg 103
    • Shift+Return(Aka Enter)
    • Option+Shift+Return
  3. How is the Nudge function affected by different Edit modes? pg 105
    It is not effected.
  4. What keys do you press to nudge an Edit selection? How can you nudge just the start or end of an Edit selection? pg 107
    • Shift [+] or [-]
    • Option+Shift= Start Time Selection
    • Command+Shift= End Time Selection
  5. What is the modifier to change the Scrubber tool function from scrubbing to shuttle mode? pg 108
  6. how can you control the playback speed and direction while shuttling? pg 108
    Dragging the mouse further to the left or right.
  7. How would you audition the beginning of a selection by the amount of post-roll? Does Pre/Post-Rool need to be active for the audition feature to work? pg 110
    • Command+Left Arrow.
    • Does not need to be active.
  8. Describe some ways to audition the start and end of a selection. What setting determines the audition length? pg 110
    • Command+Left Arrow
    • Option+Right Arrow
  9. What are the steps involved in storing a selection as a memory location? pg 114
    • Press Enter
    • Window>Memory Locations
  10. What is the keyboard shortcut for recalling a memory location? For editing a memory location? pg 114
    • Command+Numeric 5
    • Control+Click to edit
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