PT 201: Mod 6 Editing

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  1. How can you create fades with the Smart Tool? How can you customize the types of fades curves that are used with the Smart Tool? pg 127
    • Place cursor near clip start or end and drag left or right.
    • Prefrences>Editing Tab
  2. What is the difference between the TCE Trim Tool and the Standard Trim Tool? pg 121
    TCE Trim tool will resample and resize your clip instead of trimming.
  3. How can the Strip Silence command be used? What is the difference between the Strip and Extract functions? pg 129
    • To remove audio that drops below the threshold you selected.
    • Extract function takes out the silent part, good for room tone.
  4. What modifier key would you hold while using the Scrub Trim tool to scrub with finer resolution? pg121
  5. What is the quickest way to align the front (head) of two clips to each other? How could you go about aligning the end (tail) of two clips? pg 133
    • Control+Click
    • Control+Command
  6. Which Grabber tool mode allows you to select non-continous clips on one or more tracks? pg 125
    Object Grabber
  7. What is the keyboard shortcut for aligning a clip's sync point to the Edit cursor? pg 135
  8. What are the functions available with the Smart Tools? How can you access the Selector with the Smart Tool active? How can you access the Grabber? pg 127
    • Selector, Grabber and Trim
    • Selector=cursor is located in the upper half of a clip
    • Grabber=cursor is located on the lower half of a clip
  9. What is the purpose of Commands Keyboard Focus mode? What are two ways to enable Commands Keyboard Focus mode? pg 136
    • Command+Option+1
    • Click the a-z in the upper right corner
  10. What are the Commands Focus keys for zooming? For creating fades? pg 137
    • Zoom Toggle= N=R+T
    • Fades= D+F+G
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PT 201: Mod 6 Editing
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